Laura Pausini - Agora não (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Nevertheless No

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Maybe it was enough to take breath,
Just to take breath a bit,
Until to take again every heartbeat
And not to search for a moment to leave (not to leave)
Because it can not be a habit
December without you,
Who stays here, hopes for the impossible.
Nevertheless no!
There is no time to explain any more,
To ask if I had given you love,
I am here and I would need to repeat it again (again).
Why do the most important things break between the teeth?
Those words which we never dare to say.
And I am doing a dive in the pain to make them rise,
To bring them here, one by one here,
You hear them, they weigh and remain forever above us,
And if I miss you, I can not repeat them,
I am not managing to repeat them any more.
Nevertheless no!
The memories are crying with the rain here
And I would admit most of all that it is late,
How much I would like...
To be able to speak more (more).
Nevertheless no!
I don't have time to explain
Which I used to have before..I
Something what is necessary to hope on in front of me,
Something what is necessary to finish together with you.
Maybe it was enough to take breath,
Just to take breath a bit.
Maybe it is late, maybe nevertheless no.
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Agora não

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