David Bisbal - Ángel de la noche (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Angel of the Night

Alone, lost in the night
stealing dreams/sleep from coffee,
The air burns from lost desires
It taste like nothing, impregnated of forget(forgetfulness)
Full, what a fully serene beach
Beautiful, like no one I ever saw
Im slowly discovering her just measures,
While the night flaunts its honor
and I find myself trapped in her hair
Falling into an abyss of ardent desire,
Decided to confront my destiny
Decided to die for love
Angel of Night,
let me take you to my madness
I'll give you my love under the moon
Only you and I
in the dark night
Duel, of instict and of fear
I go on, surviving anxiety
Question of impulse,
surprise and desire
arises from not believing how close I have her
Ring of wine at her Lips
In the uncertain game of love
The world escapes through those big eyes
It has been confirmed, the heavens belongs to two
I throw myself against her figure, and the hours
conspire with the desire to find us alone
There will be nothing to break the spell
There will be no way to find salvacion
The rest is a told story
I reserve the right to silence
If love is the dream of madmen
Then I am a raving lunatic
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Ángel de la noche

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