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あの夢をなぞって (Ano yume o nazotte) (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

Chasing that Dream

Версии: #1#2
Chasing that Dream
In the night sky decorated with beautiful flowers,
The voice of the town gently enveloped by bright lights
In our silent world made for two, the words we heard were
“I like you.”
I dreamt of the future I saw in that moment.
Our two shadows standing side by side on that summer night.
Once the last of the fireworks flew high up to the sky,
I saw this as my sign.
A normal morning, as always.
You looked as you always do, like always.
I looked away unintentionally because…
How could I forget those unforgettable words?
They continue to echo, now and forever…
Passing through the night,
Beyond the dream
I arrived at the future I saw.
Is it real? Is that dream for real? Even now? Truly?
Although I’ll probably worry,
I’ll move past this moment, you’ll see, I’ll aim for tomorrow,
To the place just for you and me.
Just a bit longer
Praying your words don’t change
For a little while,
The unforgettable words
You are waiting to say.
No one understands
What this night means to us.
Waiting for those summer lights to shine on us again.
From here on out, that summer sky
Will remind us of the blooming of fireworks
That we watched together.
You and me, here,
We’ll be chasing that dream.
I look at your face illuminated by
The fireworks lighting up the night sky.
I will cherish this sight forever.
Yes, surely, our futures will
Connect and align.
Together, tonight,
We arrive at that future.
It’s alright – our thoughts – we’ll be alright – will come through.
Past the dream we saw that day.
Past our present, beyond our future,
Until we meet again.
A little bit longer,
Please don’t let it end.
Just a little longer.
As the fireworks conclude,
We move closer together,
Into the silent world, these words echoed:
“I love you.”
Това е поетичен превод – възможни са отклонения от оригиналния текст (допълнителни или изпуснати думи или информация, заместване на една дума с друга).
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