Azmit Si'a (أزمة ثقة) (превод на Английски)


Azmit Si'a (أزمة ثقة)

ما في حدا قادر يقشع المشاعر
قبل ما يأمّن ويحب
حتى الوفا
رح يطلع بالآخر خاين
لأن عميا عيون القلب
ما تدوّر ترضي الناس
تذكّر إنت الأساس
في ناس بتعطيها عمرك
وما بتستاهل ثانية
أنا عايش أزمة ثقة
بإيدي ما بوثق بقى
وهلأ كلمة مرحبا
أوقات ما بصدّقا
عادي قلي بحبك
بس ما تقلي رح حبك على طول
خليك قد حكيك
الناس بتعمل عكس ما بتقول
Пуснато от Mohamed RefaatMohamed Refaat в Съб, 20/04/2019 - 20:29

A crisis of confidence

No one can feel the feelings
Before feeling that they are safe and in love
Even honesty
is going to be betrayal at the end
Because the eyes of heart are blind
Don't try to satisfy people
Remember that you are the main person
You give your life to some people
That don't deserve even one second of it
I'm living a crisis of confidence
I don't trust anyone anymore
Now the word, "Hello"
I don't believe it sometimes
It's ok if you told me that you love me
But don't tell me that you will love me forever
Stick to your words
People do the opposite of what they said
Пуснато от Mohamed RefaatMohamed Refaat в Съб, 20/04/2019 - 21:10
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