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Lament over sorrow

My sun is vested in clouds, my star is fading away,
you and I must part, my flower, grown much to my liking.
Though grown much to my liking, you still brought sorrow to me,
you raised my sorrow when you forgot me.
Punish, God, the hearts of those who love two or three,
who embrace one, laugh with the other, who love whoever they see,
because I love only one and still suffer so much.
Never again will I be anyone’s partner, anyone’s curse from the heart!
There’s no other orphan like me under heaven, on the face of the earth,
I’m alone, I’m an orphan, carrying my sorrow,
I walk alone in the world because he wanted another one, prettier than I am,
he wanted someone prettier than I am but couldn’t get one, not even someone matching me.
I used to think that never in my life would I live with sorrow,
but with you I saw that I’d been mistaken, many sorrowful days of mine came about.
But now all those will be over, I’ve had my fair share of them,
those are over now, let the wind carry my sorrow away!
I told you not to love me,
because all I have to love you with in return are my arms,
you should love someone who has horses and wagons,
and then sorrow may kill you while you are by their side!
The hussars just passed by our house,
my dear mother, I’m going to join them.
I’ll be the captain of the first company,
three years aren’t the end of the world.
I have no pleasure because a swallow took it away,
and put it down in the middle of a round forest.
Dear swallow, bring back my pleasure to me,
and after that the one who used to be my lover, too.
My sun will soon be shining brightly, my star will be bright above,
now that we’ve parted ways with one another, and I’ve found another one prettier and better than you.
I loved you so much, but it’s over now,
why is it over now: you aren’t the most beautiful person in the world either.
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