The Dubliners - Battle o the Somme (превод на Английски)

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Battle o the Somme

Roch the win in the cleer day's dawin
Blaws the clouds hielster-gowdie o'er the bay
But thair's mair nor a roch win blawin
Thro the Greit Glen o the Warld the day
It's a thocht that wed gar oor rottans
A' thae rogues that gang gallus fresh an gay!
Tak the road an seek ither loanins
For thair ill-ploys tae sport an play.
Nae mair will our bonnie callants
Mairch tae war whan our braggarts crousely craw
Nor wee weans frae pit-hied an clachan
Murn the ships sailin doun the Broomielaw
Broken faimilies in launds we've hairriet
Will curse "Scotlan' the Brave" nae mair, nae mair!
Black an-t-white ane-til-ither mairriet
Mak the vile barracks o thair maisters bare
Sae com a' ye at hame wi freedom
Never heed whit the houdies croak for Doom
In yer hous a' the bairns o Adam
Will fin' breid, barley-bree an paintit room!
When MacLean meets wi's friens in Springburn
Aa thae roses an geeans will turn tae bloum
An a black laud frae yont Nyanga
Dings the fell gallows o the burgers doun.
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превод на Английски

Battle of the Somme

The rough wind blows in the clear day's dawning
Blows the winds helter-skelter over the bay
But there's more than a rough wind blowing
Through the Great Glen of the world today
It's a thought that we would go over rats
All the rogues that go forward cocky and gay!
Take the road and seek other paths
For their evil plans to sport and play
No more will our young boys
March to war when our masters coursely crow
Nor will children from the mines and villages
Mourn the ships sailing down the Broomielaw
Broken families in lands we have taken
Will curse ''Scotland the Brave'' no more, no more
Black and white, one another they have married
Make the vile barracks of their masters bare
So everybody come home with freedom,
Never listen to those who cry out doom,
In your house are all the children of Adam
They will find bread, porridge and a painted room!
When MacLean meets his friends in Springburn
All of the roses and cherries will begin to bloom
And a black boy from Nyanga
Will escape the foul gallows of the Edinburghers
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