Ben Akıllanmam (превод на Английски)


I won't become wiser

My rebukes are meant for me, dont take it upon yourself
I portray regrets
There is not an equal to the suffered pain
Everytime I suffer I think of you
I thought it would be difficult to leave it behind and go away
Now I am the one who is alone;
Maybe I thought it's a mistake to love this much
How can I begin from the start
Remedies, hopes, our paths are always a lie
Prayers, wishes not one of them got fulfilled, oh you didn't come
I'm angry with myself, I can't forgive
The mistakes i did in my youth
How could I leave you in the heat of the moment
Regret should not be this painful
I'm angry with myself, i can't forgive
My years are wasted
If they would say, here is your chance, start over
I wouldn't become wiser and would do the same again
My rebukes are meant for me, don't take it upon yourself
I potray regrets
The wine I drank didn't help at all
It made me burn more
They say there is friendship and loyalty
(but) its a lie, there is not such a thing
Even my death would be unnoticed
I'm very tired, time caught me
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