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Текст на „For Therese“

  • Изпълнител/група: Betsy Lippitt

For Therese

Winter is almost here and I have hardly seen you
since the leaves started falling from the trees.
How have you been?
What have you done?
Who have you seen?
Who have you talked to?
Is there anything that I should know?
House on a corner,
tree in the yard,
Apple computer,
sprouts in a jar.
These are the things that come to mind
when I think of you.
Some of the things that you are,
that you are,
that you are a favourite friend,
you and Teresa,
constantly I think of you.
See, friend with that tattoo on your arm,
you like to swim, Teresa hates to,
and she says “¿Cuando? ¿Porqué?”,
I lift weights,
you’re Pennsylvania, Georgia,
oh my, upside down and all around,
My life has gone through changes
and you’ve been there when the sky began to fall.
Through it all, you’ve stood beside me,
through it all your thoughts would guide me.
When the problem has been big or has been small.
Do you remember those first days we met, so long ago?
We filled the air with music even then,
we played the bars, we sang rock, (?) each alone,
we played the pizza parlors;
when I went out west, you stayed at home.
You got a house on a corner,
with a, a tree in the yard,
an Apple computer,
and sprouts in a jar.
With all these things that come to mind
when I think of you,
I know a little more
who you are.
Therese, Therese, Teresa, Therese.
Therese, Therese, Teresa.
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Transcribed by users Greffd and Stefano8.


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