Blott en dag (превод на Английски)

превод на АнглийскиАнглийски

Just one day

Just one day, one moment at a time
Such a comfort for everything that might happen
Everything is resting in the hands of my Father anyway
Why should I, the child, worry then?
He who carries the heart of a Father for me
Is giving every newborn day
A piece of rejoice and distress
Toil, rest and comfort
He is close to me every day
Giving mercy for every single moment
He wants to carry the daily troubles
He who is named both Power and Council
To preserve his valuable possession
Is a task he has taken upon himself
"You will recieve enough strength for every day"
That was the promise he gave me
Then help me to rest calmly and still
Only by your promises, my dear Lord
My faith and comfort that are contained within the word
Should not be wasted
Help me, Lord, whatever might happen to me
Take, from your faithful hand
Just one day, one moment at a time
Until I've reached the promised land
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Blott en dag

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