Break a leg

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Идиоматични преводи на „Break a leg“

Şeytanın qıçını qır
Paç fat!
καλή επιτυχία
английски #1, #2
kivi kotti!
תשבור רגל
¡buena suerte!
испански #1, #2
Buona fortuna
In bucca al lupo
in bocca al lupo!
Hals- und Beinbruch
немски #1, #2
Muita merda!
Torço por você
Ни пуха, ни пера!
Zlom väz! (Veľa šťastia)
Bol şans!
Şeytanın bacağını kır
Ні пір'я, ні луски
украински #1, #2
Ні пуху ні пера
Kéz- és lábtörést
Bonne chance ! (Merde !)
Zlom vaz!

Meanings of "Break a leg"


حظ موفقا(غالبا مايقولها الممثلين قبل صعودهم على المسرح

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Късмет!; пожелание за успех в някакво начинание.

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Letterlijke vertaling: breek een been
Betekent: veel succes

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Good luck

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The expression arises from show business.

The belief is that anyone's wish of good fortune, a successful show, will result in a "jinx", an inevitable curse, on the act.

Of course, breaking a leg on stage would be a "jinx", a nasty stroke of bad luck, so the supposition is that if you wish good luck on someone it results in bad, likewise if you wish bad luck on someone, it results in good.

- BuenSabor преди 7 години
This phrase can mean good luck and it also can mean 'give it a good try'. - annlouelimal преди 3 години

Galingan mo

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'Break a leg' in German is 'Hals und Beinbruch' (break a leg and your neck, too).

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"Σιδεροκέφαλος": Ευχή για να έχει κάποιος γερό κεφάλι. Το εύχονται σε εργαζόμενους που κάνουν δουλειά με το μυαλό τους, σε άτομα που έχουν αναρρώσει από παθήσεις σχετικές με το κεφάλι, αλλά και σε άτομα που χρειάζονται καλό μυαλό σε κάποια συγκεκριμένη φάση της ζωής τους.

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Χτύπα ξύλο

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Καλή τύχη

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"Semoga berhasil"; secara harafiah berarti "Patahkan sebuah kaki" namun bermaksud untuk sebuah harapan keberuntungan.

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In bocca al lupo

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ни пуха ни пера; удачи.

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Buena suerte

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Lycka till

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İyi Şanslar!

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iyi şanslar, şeytanın bacağını kır, bahtsızlığını bitir vb

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''iyi şanslar'' anlamına gelmektedir
bkz: şeytanın bacağını kır

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„Break a leg“ в текстове на песни

Emir Đulović - Shoes

The time has come, the time to live with you

And, thank God, even when I break a leg, I run
Because without you, I can't stand the nights

Ghali - Wily Wily

You learning a new word and repeating it,
Who defames you but doesn't talk when you meet him,
Who says "Break a leg" and hopes that you drop dead,
The Italian people who let themselves be fooled,

Claudio Capéo - Rich

At the age when one disowns their dad, you'll disown me
And I won't make manners, nor cinema
You'll tell me shit 1

  • 1. I'm unsure, but this expression could mean "you'll wish me luck". Sometimes in France, before an exam or an important performance peple will say "Je te dis merde" which literally means "I tell you shit" but it's like saying "break a leg" in English. You say it because the belief is that actually wishing somenody "good luck" will bring about bad luck.
    So this line could mean one of two things:

Pinguini Tattici Nucleari - Vegetables

A word is too much
While two are too few
So break a leg, Princess Mononoke
Because I'm done with sad songs

Kasta - Radio signals

Here she is, herself, fast beside!
Heart has swelled and gone up to throat...
So, break a leg! I stood up obediently
And with horror understood, that I`m walking right to her,

LOVECRAFT - Skeleton Sam

He's the graveyard legend of the danging game
Rumor has it he invented how to knock 'em dead
He's the reason we all say "break a leg"

Epic Rap Battles of History - Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare

Spaccheremo i nostri piedi nel tuo culo coi nostri pigiamini interi 1
Amico, ti cucineremo e ti mangeremo con un po' di prosciutto e uova verdi 2
Ti spaccheremo le gambe! Non fraintendere, siamo incazzati! 3
Non tutto finisce bene quando usciamo dalla nostra gabbia 4

  • 1. le due Cose sono vestite con pigiamini rossi, che coprono anche piedi e mani.
  • 2. ancora un riferimento al libro di Dr. Seuss, "Green eggs and ham".
  • 3. "break a leg" è l'augurio usato in Inghilterra prima di uno spettacolo. Qui però si precisa che lo si intende in senso letterale.
  • 4. riferimento alla commedia di Shakespeare "Tutto è bene quel che finisce bene".

Jesse Rutherford - Hollywood Friends

Welcome to LA
Break a leg
Daytrip took it to ten, hey

Shaban & Käptn Peng - House on fire

I can't see a thing, "cough", there's smoke everywhere,
where's the door, it has to be here somehwere,
I stumble, "klirr" and break a leg.
"Crack-ahhh", perfect, who needs legs,

Orgi-E - City2Music #WhatAreYouLookingAt

and own signing, own record label,
I have created my own business.
It says break a leg on the side of our company cars,
the bad boys of Vestegnen1 possess all means.

  • 1. An area west of Copenhagen.

Nicki Minaj - Wamables

I like percocets, I like to keep 'em hidden in my Birkin bag
Ass so fat, damn I'mma hurt 'em bad
It's showtime bitch, tell me break a leg
Couple Bushwick niggas, that'll break your leg

Poslednja igra leptira - Ice Skates

You say "thanks, I can go by myself".
Ice skates,
I don't care even if I break a leg,
I've invited you to ice skating,

Green Day - Fell For You

Did you crash in my imagination too?

Break a leg and you crush my heart,
I'm a mess and you're a work of art.

Måns Zelmerlöw - Story of ESC (That's Eurovision)

The singers come together like songbirds of a feather
For victory they hope and pray and beg
[Måns]: Wait there in the green room, an often rather mean room, wishing all of our competitors break a leg
[Petra]: The impact of the show I cannot overstate

Drake - Congratulations

Phone blowin up, so I'm cuttin off my cellular
I'm a superstar, noted on to my nebula
I will break a leg, break an arm and a fibula
When I break it down, when I, when I break it dooow-haaaah-owwwn

Caetano Veloso - Break A Leg!

Break a leg, you too!
Tell people to break a leg and it'll be alright
Break a leg every night
And forevermore, amen.

Cher - Disaster Cake

You gotta break an egg
If you wanna be in show biz
Then you gotta break a leg

Taipan - No Life Remix

I bring nothing to the system
I arrive at the end of the food chain with open mouth and I complain
Before going point I hesitate to break a leg
I wait my reward to the assedic music awards

Joey Bada$$ - Ready

Steezy told me to go hard and niggas ain't hear you
I see the whole future clearer and I'm near it too
And if you really break a leg, I hope they still will cheer you