Byromanse (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

City romance

I have trudged around the city a while now
And have long had my eyes on you
You act aloof but you sneak peeks at me
And that's more than enough for me
How long are you going to leave me hanging
Without you talking to me
I haven't fallen off yet
But it's beginning to be a while
Tell me how I can light your fire
Should we go to the carnival and win teddy bears
And ride bumper cars and the Ferris wheel
We can have a woman predict our future
Or maybe that's not such a good idea
What do you think?
And if you don't want to right away then I can wait
If you smile like that one more time
Don't wear out your tongue
Just hold my hand
If I want to, I can be quite nice
Should the two of us go for a dive at Tøyenbadet1
Just hop over the fence so discretely
If a lifeguard and his dog complain
Then we'll just climb up in the nearest tree, how about that?
Not to nag, but I'm starting to run out
Of things that will make you laugh
But don't misunderstand me
I'm still completely sincere
Just take a look at my eyes and see
I'll follow you home to your folks in Bjølsen2
So we'll meet tomorrow at three o'clock
If it wasn't for good old Prøysen3
This evening would have never happened
This song would have never come about
  • 1. swimming facility in Oslo
  • 2. neighborhood in Oslo
  • 3. a Norwegian author, though I don't understand why he is referenced in this song. If someone who is Norwegian can explain, thank you
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