Carillon (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Music Box

A dusty box set
and inside a picture
with your first boyfriend
cavalry lieutenant ...
On the hand-embroidered tablecloth
the pretzels with a tea
in your Venetian living room
the 5 - 4 - 23 …
Boat trips
your babysitter, a Chopin nocturne
a kiss on your hand
a camellia
a lapin muff
and deep in your tired eyes you have left
that strokes your white hair
and takes you away…
Jesus, Jesus, you may say,
how funny I was!
You’ll smile, but you’ll feel a lump in your throat:
how beautiful you were
and what are you now?
An old music box
that no longer works…
In the reading room, after lunch,
lying on the sofa
you were reading eagerly a novel
with some phrases a bit risqué …
And on Thursday morning at a concert
with your parents at the “Odeon”
you were very bored
and were already thinking of the Charleston.
Baths at the beach
your horse
and a bamboo parasol
your braids, your dance card
and the cuckoo clock …
Now they have left you alone
now they have ran away
and maybe your picture
comforts you a little …
Jesus, Jesus, you may say,
how foolish I am!
And from your sweater you’ll pull out a handkerchief
and you will wonder
if staying down here on earth is good for something
to an old music box
that no longer works…
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