Tudor Gheorghe - Carul cu flori (превод на Английски)

Поискал/а предложения за корекция
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Cart with Flowers

Salcioaran girl*, violet.
Sweetheart, I have been a summer’s day
And the spring night
That moves people into the fields
And girls sleep outdoors
Spring, when you arrive
You caress everything that is wood
Trees begin to make buds
Girls grow and blossom
Down the hill and in the valley
As though carrying away a burden
Loaded with smoke bush**
Drawn from Lisandrie (nickname for Alexandria?)
Following the scent of osacean***(?)
With a cart of valerian
Wheel hubs made from cork wood
That would cast rays upon the earth
With wheel rims made from chrysanthemums
With spokes from alpine violets
Sides of aromatic tree bark
With fender skirts of ivory sun
Wheels of costmary
Fresh stems of roses
How many nails are on the cart, sigh,
Everything is upon/from lilies of the valley
And jletii*** with grape leaves
Branches from long-berried grapes
Rope from ajuga laxmanii (latin name, there was not a good English translation)
Straps on the oxen made from cristeneasa (the same plant)
Jiglele (part of the ox yoke between the neck and pin) made from cocorai ****
With their yoke the oxen pull two evergreens
Braided ropes of violets
From (tane***?) nets for them
The water cart of my days!
Come on towards heaven, souls, come on!
And over there is sama (a healthy treat?) to give to you
Come on, destitute souls.
It surprises me that you stay in the bones
With words and with trouble,
With words and with trouble!
When towards heaven, raiu(?)-dull-witted
I have seen that I am guilty
How many flowers are on earth, sigh,
Everything goes by oath(?)
Just a danacel*** like me
Unfortunately I am not on earth!
I am only able to look my with eyes
As over there I was destroyed
Again in heaven’s portal
Sits a sunflower
And it judges flowers
Which have made scents.
Пуснато от Diana H de G в Пон, 03/03/2014 - 05:58
Коментари на автора:

This is particularly rough. Several words defied my efforts to pin down in any dictionary, and internet search in general just led back to lyrics from this song. Those words remain in Romanian with ***. A few translated but questionable lyrics are noted with a question mark.

The song describes an ox-drawn cart made of flowers and plant material; a few of the plant names and ox-cart/yoke parts did not translate easily to English, so there is some parenthetical discussion in the translation above.

*Salcioara is a commune in southern Romania; see Wikipedia article here:
**Scumpia, smoke bush in English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotinus
***words that I just couldn't find a translation for.
**** A little purple star shaped flower that appears to grow from a bulb: http://weheartit.com/tag/cocorai; looks like it smells good.

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Carul cu flori

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