Ces mots simples (превод на Английски)

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These simple words

I have some words to say to you
Simple words to say to you
We usually hear them
In the films, among the people
I already said These Simple Words
We believe or doubt it
The first time kid
To myself from time to time
umm hummm ummm
umm hummm ummm
These simple words
To tell you
I wish that all sigh
Disappeared in this wind,
And the winter was for lovers
I would like to say these words,
To have invented these words
Which let me know each time
By only thinking of you
umm hummm ummm
umm hummm ummm
Simply say these words
You have to be reborn from your skin,
Forget what we were before
For others a little much shaky
These simple words that make you shudder
And some others die
I give them to you now
It's my heart it's my blood
umm hummm ummm
umm hummm ummm
I love you
Пуснато от Taylor DoTaylor Do в Пон, 19/11/2018 - 11:55
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I'm not a master of french, what I translate is just the surface of the language


Ces mots simples

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