Maria Tănase - Ciuleandra (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

The Tumbleweed Dance

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Green leaf of 'siminoc',¹
Keep the circle in place,
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.
Keep it like that, lads,
Until my darling² catch up to me,
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.
Stregthen it (fasten it) just a little,
She is close to catch me up,
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.
Fasten it one more step,
she caught me up, but didn't stay,
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.
Two straws, two grains,
Let's stomp³ the Ciuleandra,
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.
Keep it like that, don't let it down,
'Cause i'm on same step with my darling,
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.
Two straws, two grains,
Stomp the Ciuleandra now,
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.⁴
One more time,boys,
Hop-and-so-and so.
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Translation and footnotes by Raluca Roșca.
¹ siminoc=everlasting flower , xeranthemum
the name of the flower is not essential; 'foaie verde de..' is the usual
starting verse of Romanian folk songs, the flower or tree varying from song
to song for rhyme sake
² puica, puico=(F) my darling --means in the initial sense pullet, female
chicken; however it does not have the negative conotations that its AMerican
exact translation has; it it also used in its masculin form 'puiule'=my
³ a more exact translation will be 'let us beat' , in Romanian the same form
one uses for describe the action against a person
⁴ and you go into the second, stomping part

Ciulin (Romanian)=tumble weed
Ciuleandra (Romanian)=(aprox) the tumble weed dance
The name comes probably from the rhytm of the dance, which speeds toward
the end. Also the air and dust moved by a closed circle of good dancers in
the end of the dance semble too well the one moved by a tumbleweed wheel.
The dance used to be done in the South part of Romania , in the times of
the ox-and-horse propulsed agricultural machines. The region is a large,
very flat plane, with very fertile soil ( that is , 'if Good Lord grant us
rain'). In the drought periods, everything was dry and , at the smalles
wind, dust and tumble weed started moving. The introduction of the
mechanized agriculture, added to the development of an intensive irrigation
system,erradicated the tumbleweeds and their dance alltogether. The dance
can be found today only in the performance groups repertory.
The version our group uses is the 'classical'one, sung by Maria
Tanase( 1913-1963), one of the greatest if not the greatest female voice in the Romanian folk song.
( each qutrene is sung on the
swing-swing-swing-swing -swing-close-close-lift-brush stamp part)
( no words on the grape wine part)



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