Break up despite true love - Love songs

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Break up despite true love - Love songs

This regroups all the songs where the two characters decide to break up despite their true love for each other.
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members that suggested songs
in comments, in addition to the one i knew. I thank you all in advance for your precious help, and suggestions
and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone Regular smile

She finds the courage to finally leave him, even if she doesn't
want it, better so than hurting each other. they must go through
this difficult path for them to be able to be born again later
with someone else

She always knew this love would be everlasting,
and she learnt a great deal with this person along the way,
but now it is time to move forward despite the love

she knows they have to break up as their love has faded away.
but she still loves him, and he is not willing to leave as he still loves
her too.

It doesn't work between them anymore, she doesn't want to
keep living a lie, even if he is trying very hard. They unfortunately
still love each other. She doesn't want to leave him at all, but it seems
the right decision

He just learnt (probably) his girl cheated him, now he wasn't prepared for it,
it's like a punch to him as he still loves her. and her him but it wasn't working anymore,
and now facing the truth, it's over.

She doesn't know if they loved each other, but now she feels she loves him even more
that they are going to break up, because it wasn't really working, she was more loving
a dream of love that the guy.

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she is talking to him through a letter, because she does'nt have the courage of
telling him face to face. she suffered a lot, and now want it to be over, she wants him
to go on, without her at his side because he didn't understand her. she just wants
him to remeber her and this real love she was offering.

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His girlfriend has left, because the girl had nostalgia from her country.
Now she is gone, and left him her david star, and he will keep it preciously
to remember her their moments, and their love.

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The Boyfriend is a an addict card player, she tried getting out of thit,
but the addiction is too strong, ans she has to break up with because, she can't
stand it anymore, eventhough she seems to love him

The singer loves a girl, but don't want to leave her eventhough he has to leave.

He left a girl even if he loved her, still he asks himself why he left her

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He has changed, although they both love each other, she doesn't want to go on with him
eventhough it hurts, and he doesn't want to hear it.

She is gone although she didn't want to go. And he feels sorry about her gone.
But he feels also ok, because he didn't want her to renounce to her dreams because
of him.

EnrixosfromParisEnrixosfromParis    нед., 11/03/2018 - 19:36

Well i Wonder if this song wouldn't be better sorted in this already existing collection

because they don't make a break up because it is better for them, eventhough they love each other
he just left because he was tired of her and don't love her anymore, and she says that she learnt Something about life
don't you agree?

EnrixosfromParisEnrixosfromParis    нед., 11/03/2018 - 22:43

Thx for your input,
well i don't really understand the text as there is no real English translation, in one translation they speak about a love, in the other, they speak about a friend.
Maybe someone could look at the translation first and correct it if necessary