English Folk - Bryd on e breere

  • Изпълнител: English Folk (Folk Songs from England, Folk Music from England)
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Bryd on e breere

Bryd one breere, briht bryd one trewe,
kynd is come, of love love to crave:
blithful bird, on me, on me thu rewe;
or greith, leef, greith thu me, thu me my grave.
Ich am so blithe so briht bryd one breere
whan i see that hende, hendest in halle.
he is whit of lim, of lim and leere;
he is fayr, and flur, and flur of alle.
Mihte ich hire, hir at wille have,
stedefast of love, loveli, trewe,
of mi sorw he may, he may me save,
joy and bliss wer er, wer er me newe.
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