La Liberté sur l'Atlantique (превод на Английски)


La Liberté sur l'Atlantique

On s'est battu, France, Amérique
Pour la construire il y a cent ans
La Liberté sur l'Atlantique
Défie le temps
C'était un cadeau de Marianne
La statue Bartholdi, Eiffel
Au cœur du Monde
Aux pieds des vagues
Je prie, je crie
Pour la Liberté
Comme toi, je crois
En la Liberté
Une île tranquille
Où tout pourrait changer
Je veux rêver
D'une île sans danger
Son bras qui lève le flambeau
La haine pourrait l'emporter
La Liberté est un drapeau
Lourd à porter
La Liberté éclaire le monde
Mais le Monde a les yeux fermés
Dans la prison de peur et d'ombre
Je vis, j'écris
Pour la Liberté
La Terre espère
En la Liberté
Je veux chanter
Contre vents et marées
La Liberté
Aujourd'hui retrouvée
Le prix d'une vie
C'est la Liberté
Welcome Freedom
Pour l'Humanité
Mon île fragile
Les frontières vont tomber
Au rendez-vous
De la même Liberté
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Auteurs : Marc-Fabien Bonnard, Claude Lemesle, Muff Murgittroyd
Compositeur : Pierre Porte
Wikipédia :é_sur_l%27Atlantique

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превод на Английски

Liberty over the Atlantic

People fought in France and America
to build her, a hundred years ago.
Liberty1 over the Atlantic
defies time itself.
It was a gift from Marianne2
Bartholdi's and Eiffel's statue
in the heart of the world
waves lapping at her feet3
I pray, I shout
for Liberty.
Just like you, I believe
in Freedom.
A quiet island
where everything might change.
I want to dream
of a secure island.
Her arm that raises the torch,
hatred could carry it away.
Liberty is a banner
that is hard to bear.
Liberty lightens up the world,
but the world keeps its eyes shut
in the prison of fear and shadows.
I live, I write
for Liberty.
The Earth put its hopes
in Freedom.
Come hell or high water,
I want to sing
that we found again today.
The price of a life
is Liberty.
Welcome Freedom
For mankind,
my fragile island.
Frontiers are about to vanish
as they meet
the same Freedom4
  • 1. as a French native I tend to understand "liberté" as "freedom" (the exercise of free will in its broadest sense) rahter than "liberation" (from slavery or prison). That's also the word she uses in the English line. But since it's about the statue, I had to compromise somehow
  • 2. the feminine personification of French Republic
  • 3. I can't find a good equivalent for "au pied de" but that's pretty close, I think
  • 4. this last sentence is a bit odd in French, but I guess the meaning is about the same
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sandring    Пет, 25/05/2018 - 07:41

Dear Pierre, since the song is about the Statue of Liberty wouldn't it be logical to swap Freedom for Liberty? Regular smile

petit élève    Пет, 25/05/2018 - 10:24

Well "liberté" both means "freedom" and "liberty" in French, but she uses the word in its strongest sense. It's not only a freedom from things like slavery or prison, but the plain capacity to exercise free will. I just assumed people would get the idea despite the difference in naming.

petit élève    Пет, 25/05/2018 - 10:28

And frankly speaking I also felt "Freedom over the Atlantic" sounded way cooler than "Liberty over the Atlantic", so I got stuck with the word. I have no idea if a native would share my views about the coolness of the title though Teeth smile

sandring    Пет, 25/05/2018 - 10:35

I'd title it "The Liberty over the Atlantic", inducing more allusions to the statue itself. Don't ask me why. I wish I knew Regular smile

petit élève    Пет, 25/05/2018 - 10:53

Well maybe I just overdid it. I agree "Liberty" would probably be easier to read.