Suden tunti (превод на Английски)

Поискал/а предложения за корекция
превод на Английски

The Hour of the Wolf

For the darkness that prevails here
No one can be prepared
It is cold here
Air dries the mouth
Rope gnaws the leg
The same rope gnaws the neck
Languished by hunger
Night and day
The body is incarcerated
Thoughts alone remain free
The tongue of the wolf can not be fettered
Through the treachery you got me here
I, the greatest of all
And who grows greater still
You now have cause for fear
Day disappears, night disappears
Trees fall, mountains crumble
No prison is forever detaining
I am restrained by nothing
Alone I grow
Torture brings strength
I shall break the shackles
The hour of the wolf is at hand
Alone I grow
The tortured mind brings strength
I shall break the shackles
And take your light
The gods too will die
And bleed before me
I am the end of this world
I am emptiness
Death, damnation
Far from the paths of light
Through the darkness my bright gaze finds the white walls
Their clocks tick inevitably towards the perishing of your kind
I breathe your air, I breathe freedom, and shall consume it all
Far from all and amongst all Ragnarök awaits me
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Suden tunti

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