Quand les cons sont braves (превод на Английски)

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Quand les cons sont braves

Sans être tout à fait un imbécile fini,
Je n'ai rien du penseur, du phénix, du génie.
Mais je n'suis pas le mauvais bougre et j'ai bon cœur,
Et ça compense à la rigueur.
Refrain :-
Quand les cons sont braves
Comme moi,
Comme toi,
Comme nous,
Comme vous,
Ce n'est pas très grave.
Qu'ils commettent,
Se permettent
Des bêtises,
Des sottises,
Qu'ils déraisonnent,
Ils n'emmerdent personne.
Par malheur sur terre
Les trois quart
Des tocards
Sont des gens
Très méchants,
Des crétins sectaires.
Ils s'agitent,
Ils s'excitent,
Ils s'emploient,
Ils déploient
Leur zèle à la ronde,
Ils emmerdent tout l' monde.
Si le sieur X était un lampiste ordinaire,
Il vivrait sans histoire avec ses congénères.
Mais hélas ! Il est chef de parti, l'animal :
Quand il débloque, ça fait mal !
Si le sieur Z était un jobastre sans grade,
Il laisserait en paix ses pauvres camarades.
Mais il est général, va-t-en-guerre, matamore.
Dès qu'il s'en mêle, on compte les morts.
Mon Dieu, pardonnez-moi si mon propos vous fâche
En mettant les connards dedans des peaux de vaches,
En mélangeant les genres, vous avez fait d'la terre
Ce qu'elle est : une pétaudière !
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превод на Английски
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When the fools are kindly

Without altogether being a complete imbecile,
I’m not at all a thinker, a paragon, or a genius.
But I’m not a bad bugger and I’m good-hearted,
and at a pinch that makes up for lots.
When the fools are kindly
like me,
like thee1,
like us,
like you,
it’s no big problem.
When they commit,
permit themselve,
silly mistakes
and stupid nonsense,
and argue crazy rubbish,
they don’t make real trouble for anyone.
Unhappily in this world
three quarters
of the nutcases
are very bad
sectairean jackasses.
They get worked up,
they get excited,
they strive,
they deploy
their zeal all over,
and they make trouble for everyone in the world.
If sir X was an ordinary underling,
he would live an uneventful life with others of his kind.
But alas! He’s a party chief, the brute :
when he lets rip, it’s really bad!
If sir Z was a credulous twit with no rank,
he would leave his poor comrades in peace.
But he’s a general, a war-monger, a blusterer.
As soon as he gets involved, we start counting the dead.
My God, forgive me if my sentiments annoy you,
in labelling motherfuckers clealy as bastards,
in mixing the types, you have made of the earth
what it is: a bedlam!
  • 1. translating a sentence containing both “toi” and “vous” into modern English is problematic, so I’m lazy and use the outdated “thou/thee” in that situation
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ingirumimusnocteingirumimusnocte    Нед, 24/03/2019 - 04:02

Par malheur sur terre -> I'd rather say "Unfortunately"

tout l' monde -> rather "everybody"

Quand il débloque -> rants, goes postal...

dedans des peaux de vaches -> I don't know how to render this pun, but the idea is rather to call these twats bastards Regular smile

pétaudière -> it's a rather funny term. "bedlam" seems quite OK, or maybe "pandemonium" or "madhouse"?

michealtmichealt    Нед, 24/03/2019 - 22:21

Thanks Pierre.

Par malheur sur terre -> I'd rather say "Unfortunately"
I wouldn't. the "happ" in "unhappily" is the Middle English word "hap" = French "bon fortune" and "un hap" = French "infortune" - these English words were in common use in the early 13th century. At some point "un hap" became "unhap" and later these words formed adjectives (by adding "i", which became y in Modern English), and then added suffixes such as "ness" or "ly" to form nouns and adverbs which have been in use in English since slightly later middle English days (mid 14th century). "Unfortunately" is a later addition to English, dating from the mid 16th century, and with a rather looser meaning that "unhappily" (which means "through mishap" ie "par malheur" - but I wouldn't use "through mishap" unless I wanted to sound a bit archaic).

Quand il débloque -> rants, goes postal...
Maybe "lets go" isn't narrow enough. but "rants" certainly isn't, and "goes postal" is an idiom that is growing rarer and rarer. I guess "lets rip" would work better than any of these, so I'll chage my "go" to "rip".

dedans des peaux de vaches -> I don't know how to render this pun, but the idea is rather to call these twats bastards Regular smile
I'll fix it somehow.

pétaudière -> it's a rather funny term. "bedlam" seems quite OK, or maybe "pandemonium" or "madhouse"?
well, "bedlam" is much stronger than "madhouse" - it was the archetype of madhouses. I don't think "pandemonium" is a good fit, "chaos" (or "absolute chaos") would be better. But I'm inclined to stick with "bedlam".