Моля, помогнете с превода на „De Aftocht“

  • Изпълнител/група: Flairck
  • Албум: De Optocht
  • Песен: De Aftocht
  • Заявка: нидерландски, псевдолатински → английски
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    Preferably someone who is either fluent in both languages, or better, native in both languages. Thanks.

нидерландски, псевдолатински

De Aftocht

Ooh laat maar waaien,
ooh laat maar gaan.
Ooh laat maar waaien,
ooh laat maar gaan.
Salut Batavum, Dolce Vita
Femina Bella, In Natura
Salto Mortale, Et Cannabis
Fata Morgana, In Excelsis
Batavum, Salute, Navalis, Finitum
Salut Batavum
annabellannaannabellanna    ср., 11/12/2019 - 07:25

Obviously, I'm not a Latin native speaker(I was born about thousand years in late, sorry...), but not even the text is Latin, anyway.
This is another of these well known "chef-salad-latin-sounding" texts.   Angry smile
"Salut" is a Piedmontese way to say "goodbye".
"Dolce vita" is Italian(maybe is referred to the homonimous famous movie of sixties with Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg?) "Femina" should be written "foemina", I guess, and "bella" doesn't mean "beautiful"(= pulchra) as in Italian, but "wars".
"Salto mortale" is Italian, and means "somersault": absolutely inadvisable to try after assuming cannabis.
Morgan le Fay: they say she is in the higher of the sky, together with a(maybe) Batavian("batavum" doesn't exist).
The rest: "salute" in Latin means: "O, health!"
"navalis" = referred to ships
"finitum" = circumscribed, statued.
I hope I have been helpful. Teeth smile
Salut! Wink smile