Vive la France (превод на английски)

превод на английскианглийски

Long Live France

Long live France
And the accordian players
Long live the balls and the flonflons*
Long live France
Long live the firefighters and their firetrucks
There’s joy and sun and a clear blue sky
There are birds in my heart going boom
There’s the crazy singer and the clowns
There are cows and trains
Adn the cows that see the trains go by
There are lovers in the woods enjoying themselves
The country that soothed my heart as a child, this is it
That gave me the joy of love, that’s this country
Ah it’s so nice to live here
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*Flonflon: I don’t know the English equivalent but it’s a musical term usually referring to the loud chords sometimes used to conclude a song


Vive la France

Torpedo23Torpedo23    нед., 20/06/2021 - 07:08

Hey there,

Jsyk, you're missing this line in your translation: "Qui m’ont donné le grand frisson"

Also, I think that "Y’a l’fou chantant" refers to a madman who is singing, not to a singer who is crazy (slight nuance)

Adn the cows that see the trains go by > And the cows that see the trains go by (typo)

- Torp

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