Crvena Jabuka - Da nije ljubavi (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

If There Was No Love

Shoot about three
Sunny summers into my temple
Your story is choking me
I will start believing in delusions
And delusions were made by
The keepers of your wishes my queen
That tree hides the forest
It hurts me even more
Sub chambers to the left and the right
Of the soul and of the heart
The bed was too small for you
So you kicked me out
See the weakness
It is hard to avoid
The song will flow
If there was no love, if there was no love
If there was no love, there would be no world
There would be no me, no you, no me, no you
No me, no you, my fairytale fairy
Пуснато от Lanica в Съб, 26/11/2011 - 20:22
Коментари на автора:

"Ubleha" is really difficult to translate. Even its definition is given differently depending on who you ask. Basically, it refers to something which is a lie, untrue, unreal, even hypocrisy. For the sake of understanding the meaning in the song I chose the word "delusion" to give the idea of unreality - which also fits somewhat with the imagery in the song otherwise portrayed.

"A publiku su stvorili" is incorrect - it is "A ublehu su stvorili"

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