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男女イニュニック (Danjo Inyunikku) (превод на английски)


何がボクを壊してくのか 指先まで
当たり前の様にさ、笑って 泣いて ねぇ?
正義を振りかざす殺人者 時間を持て余した犯罪者
格差社会 真実のような嘘 全ては他人事で
男らしい男 女らしい女
愛しい人 叶わない願い
慢性的憂鬱 風のない夜 孤独に乗っ取られる
Публикувано от SnowyNixSnowyNix в(ъв)/на нед., 23/01/2022 - 02:16
Коментар от качилия текста:

If you're wondering what the hell the song's title means, "inuuniq" is the Inuit word for "life". If you're now wondering why they used Inuit, your guess is as good as mine.

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Co-ed Inuuniq

Take me someplace far, far away from here
And at least bury me in a place where I won't be alone
What is it that's destroying me, down to my fingertips?
A violent loneliness has started waking up
I'm laughing and crying as if it's normal, you know?
Did I make a mistake? Where?
Take me someplace far, far away from here
"At least someplace where I won't be alone", yeah, as if
Deliberately looking for misfortune, for sympathy
My voice filled with agony, I want you to hear it, feel it
I want it.
I want it.
I want it.
I want it.
With the energy we had, we could not get to love each other
There were so many reasons for that
I'm full of contradictions, higher than even your lofty ideals
I want to be beautiful...!
Murderers flaunting their ideals of justice, criminals with too much time on their hands
A society of disparity, lies that resemble the truth, every man for himself
Masculine men and feminine women
Beloved people, unfulfilled wishes
Chronic depression, nights without wind, loneliness taking over
I have an awful headache tonight
Please, stay by my side
With the energy we had, we could not get to love each other
There were so many reasons for that
I just wanted to love you
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Коментар от качилия текста:

"Co-ed" in this translated title just means "male and female". "Danjo" in the JP title is literally just the characters for male and female put together, but it's a pretty snappy word, so I wanted something snappy as well. Spelling out "Male and female" would feel a bit dragged out

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florasoraflorasora    съб., 09/04/2022 - 01:32

Nice note on the co-ed. Inyunikku is supposed to refer to an Inuit (or what people mistakenly call Eskimo) word that means "Life."
So you could say it's, yeah, "Co-ed Life" or something along those lines.
"Couple's Life"
"Love Life," etc etc. But Co-ed is probably the most encompassing--though I feel like Co-ed and Danjo would likely have different uses here. Danjo being a stronger reference to love and romance, whereas co-ed is more functionality like a room being co-ed or a school being co-ed--although there's a possibility that that's actually what was meant by the title in the first place! Ah, so interesting.
Sentences with Danjo: Looks like it's really a mixed bag, so I think you'd have to go with the song's context here and suppose it has to do with romance.

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