Darker Half - Stranded

  • Изпълнител: Darker Half
  • Албум: Duality (2009)


I wait here for the dawn,
But it never seems to come,
This night keeps dragging on,
Will I ever see the sun?
See the world now turn away,
The starry sky, I used to see, now seems so grey,
When everything's going in circles,
You never reach the end.
The walls collapse around me,
The colours they play out a dance of death,
The beauty, it astounds me,
But is this my final breath?
Question my sanity,
How to know what is real?
A fractured mind that will not heal!
Wasting the night away,
How to know left's not right,
There's nothing left for me tonight!
Acid brain,
Gone insane,
Wishing that this was still a game,
Twisted mind,
Lost inside,
No way to see through this endless night!
A mind wrapped in confusion,
Not even sure what is real,
The puzzle is falling to pieces,
I feel my fate is sealed!
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