A Day Without Rain (превод на Индонезийски)


A Day Without Rain

No-one remembers as I do
how each word of love you gave was true.
So often do I dream of you
so my heart is not alone.
Can dreams be found
when the sun comes again?
Tears still fall down
in a day without rain…
Пуснато от SpecimenThings .SpecimenThings . в Четв, 19/07/2018 - 02:20
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This lyrics can be found on the liner notes of Only Time: The Collection.

Roma Ryan wrote:

"Originally we thought this track to be a song and began writing lyrics. However as work on the music progressed it became clear that it wanted to be an instrumental. The lyrics, although incomplete, are given here. We did however keep one of the lines as the title of the track."

превод на Индонезийски
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Suatu Hari Tanpa Hujan

Tiada yang ingat sebagaimana diriku ingat
Kesungguhan setiap kata cinta yang kau berikan
Seringnya ku bermimpi tentangmu
membuat hatiku tak merasa sepi
Dapatkah mimpi terwujud
saat matahari bersinar lagi?
Air mata terus mengalir
di suatu hari tanpa hujan...
Пуснато от SpecimenThings .SpecimenThings . в Четв, 19/07/2018 - 02:38
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