Dead and buried

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Идиоматични преводи на "Dead and buried"

Dead and gone
Галски (Шотландски)
marbh fon ùir
Muerto y enterrado
Muerto y bien muerto
Già bello che morto
Morto e sepolto
Mort et enterré
Mort et bien mort

Meanings of "Dead and buried"


Moot, passed, irrelevant, forgotten.

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tamamen sonlanmış, bitmiş

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"Dead and buried" в текстове на песни

Mario Lanza - The Window Which Used To Shine

A sign my beloved is sick
Her sister appeared and told me
Your beloved is dead and buried
Crying always for she slept alone,

Stefflon Don - Senseless

Them post have fa peer
Gal dis
Get dead and buried
Bout dis

Mando Diao - Ramble in my homeland

but so weakly that it seemed like a dream[?]:
"It was thrown to the wind twenty years ago,
it is dead and buried and forgotten.

Yiddish Folk - On Every Street

Get down off your horses!
The Russian Tsar is already
Dead and buried!
Hey, hey, down with the police!

Elias Lönnrot - The Kalevala

On the broad sea's great expanses.
Boasted then young Youkahainen,
Thinking Waino dead and buried,
These the boastful words be uttered:

Bushido - Leave Me Alone

Because of me, you’re swimming in money, Dagobert![fn] Dagobert Duck.[/fn]
I’m not saying anything more, it’s all just show.
When I’m dead and buried, it’s over.

Cécile Corbel - The damned girl

Tell me who was on the field
It's the girl, your dear daughter Jeanne
Your dead and buried girl

Le Poème Harmonique - King Louis' daughter

" Pay attention, my lady fair

pretend to be dead and buried
after being brought to Saint-Denis[fn]a cathedral near Paris where the kings of France were buried[/fn] ;

Randy VanWarmer - Oh Susanna

Buf if I do not find her
I swear, I'll surely die
And when I'm dead and buried
Oh, Susanna, don't you cry

Cécile Corbel - The Damned Girl

Tell me who was on the field
It's the girl, your dear daughter Jeanne
Your dead and buried daughter

Robert Charlebois - Ordinary

I'd like it if people could understand me
I'd like to travel all around the world
Before I'm dead and buried
To see what the rest of the world looks like

Hozier - Jackie and Wilson

Lord, it be great to find a place we could escape sometime
Me and my Isis growing black irises in the sunshine
Every version of me dead and buried in the yard outside.
Sit back and watch the world go by.

Les Cowboys fringants - Half-Mast

The public gossips all about it
But two weeks later it sinks into oblivion
The story is dead and buried
And meanwhile the La Vérendrye park

Arttu Wiskari - Cottage Road

Grandpa is no longer telling stories about the war
He's pushing up daisies at Honkanummi[fn]He's dead and buried at Honkanummi (a cemetary in Vantaa)[/fn]
Now I understand the story better

Legião Urbana - Perfection

From all this
With party, funeral and casket
It's all dead and buried now
Since we can also celebrate

The Animals - Bring It On Home to Me

You know I'll always be your slave
Until I'm dead and buried in my grave
Oh, bring it to me, bring your sweet loving

Le Poème Harmonique - Malbrough goes to war (death and burial of the invincible Malbrough)

Mironton mironton mirontaine
Mister Malbrough is dead
He is dead and buried.

Jacques Brel - Knokke-Le-Zoute Tango

The kind of females you Gestapo
Because they aren’t yet aware
That Franco’s dead and buried

Hurts - Perfect Timing

Dead and buried in an open grave
In a backstreet bar on the champs elysees
A face in the middle of a broken frame
Looking back at me

Vinnie Paz - Cheesesteaks

I’m a sinner, I’m the God of the seven deadly
Everything I do hard and it’s legendary
I spit sixteen bars and you dead and buried