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Definition of Rock

On the worst stage bender ever
I did not like the whole club
I have insulted the audience
I have really overplayed it
And bust my *ss off 100 and 7 %
Because I love to rock
I want to burn down the house during live performances
And when the band really turns up
I give everything there is to give
I'd like to have such Rock evening tonight
Strict to the definition of Rock
The wind machine subs the woofer
The body should move heavily
The solo gets out of control
And the guitar needs sustain
The bad sound should not bother us
Base and snare are well mixed
The people want to hear one more song
And the proportion of women is awesome tonight
"A good melody does not mean it's a fake pop song
And when you show that you love it, this is no phony rock
They say: "Don't sing in English", I say: "We are open-hearted
And to make this clear there will be Rock'n'Roll solo part now
Пуснато от Steena в Четв, 03/06/2010 - 21:05
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