Det tusende hjertet (utdrag 1) (превод на Английски)


Det tusende hjertet (utdrag 1)

Ingenting banker i deg lenger
Nå har jeg det som du trenger
Du skal aldri stanse opp
Du skal banke, vakre hjerte
For du, du er det tusende hjertet
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There are two songs by the name of "Det tusende hjertet (utdrag)" on the soundtrack, so the number is added to distinguish them here.

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превод на Английски

The thousandth heart (excerpt 1)

Nothing is beating in you anymore
Now I have what you need
You will never come to a stop
You will beat, beautiful heart
Because you, you are the thousandth heart
Пуснато от mckennarayemckennaraye в Четв, 25/01/2018 - 22:06
Det tusende hjertet (musical): Топ 3
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