Digale (превод на Английски)



Hello señora…
Forgive my forwardness...
The thing is it's been days since I've talked to your daughter...
And if you see her I'd like for you to please...
-tell her that i can't live without her love
-and tell her that i'm in search of her forgiveness/pardon
-musical fantasy
-because the desire to love her again is killing me
-to have her in my arms, filling her with kisses
-and what hurts me most is to know that i can't
-because i don't have her
-please tell her that i can't keep
-living/walking in this life if she isn't here
-and although i know i've failed (as a man)
-i want to ask her for forgiveness (you know)
-i want to ask her for forgiveness
y cuéntele que yo ando en busca de su perdón (x2)
-That now i don't eat nor sleep
-that i always feel sick
and my temptation is to blame for everything
-that on cold nights
-i just feel empty
and now I'm drowning in the river of betrayal
-because you were the reason for my wanting to overcome (i understand this line, but don't really know a good way to translate it jaja)
-so many difficulties that I could've gone through in life
-therefor i'm here thinking how i can succeed
in getting my message to where you are
-so that you will take an interest in me again
-because i want to be part of you
-forgive me. i don't want to live without you
y cuéntele que yo ando en busca de su perdón (x2)
Girl, how I would've liked to have told you in person
but I won't surrender; I will carry on in search of your forgiveness
Trebol Clan…
You don't know what you have until it's gone...
But it's never too late...
The objective is to tell you in person...
And to ask you for forgiveness like a man...
Because I admit I let [you] down
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