Don Bowman - Folsom Prison Blues #2


Folsom Prison Blues #2

Howdy, this is Don Bowman
(So what?)
I hear an airplane comin'
But I won't get upset
Last week I heard a freight train
And it ain't showed up yet
I'm stuck right here in Folsom
Just 'cause my wife got sore
(So what?)
She fell out a hotel window
From the 19th floor
[Crowd booing]
Uh, hey, thank you so much for your courteous reception.
Uh, man, If I could just say quickly 
how honored me and the entire band are 
that you asked both of us back again this year 
to pick for the Folsom City prison break 
and the semi-annual dance and riot.
I thought no one would notice
She'd even gone away
But one look at the sidewalk,
It was plain as day
She had made a great big impression
For about half a block around, actually
When the cops asked where my wife was,
I said, "All over town, town, mmhm, town."
Ain't nobody sang that low
Uh, we was asked to make this one quick announcement:
Would the, uh, person who took the meat cleaver from the
prison kitchen this morning please return same?
'Cause it's very sharp and dangerous.
The court gave me a lawyer 
With a record worse than mine
He's tried a lot of cases
I sure wish he'd tried mine
He ain't no Perry Mason
He made a deal somewhere
He traded life in prison 
For the electric chair, chair
Uh, by the way, for any of you that do make it over the wall tonight, 
me and the band will be playing this weekend
down at the big grand openin'
of Harley McCluskey's Feed and Seed Store and Gas Station,
so we invite you to gather up the whole family and come on by.
Free balloons for the kids!
I said I'd like San Quentin
'Cause I'd heard it was best
The judge said, "Son, I'm sorry, 
but I don't take requests."
I'm growin' fond of Folsom
I don't regret my past
'cause I figure it was worth it 
to see Johnny Ca-Ca-Ca-Cash.
Thank you, bless your heart
Thank you, thank you
You're wonderful, wonderful
(I don't ever wanna see you anywhere, you understand that?)
(You're a waste!) 
(I hate you!)
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A parody of "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash

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