Dora Vysotskaya - Heartbeat



Can you feel my heartbeat love?
Can you feel how fast it is beating?
I wish you could,
So that you would feel a little bit
Little bit of what I'm feeling
So fast, every second,
I feel like I'm falling,
The heartbeat races
And it will keep racing
Sweet palms, dry mouth
Heart beats of immeasurable amount
So fast, so loud
I can hear it inside my hears and my hearth, all around
Wishing I was with you this moment,
So that I could hold you tight,
For you my feelings vehement,
But something came between, fast as a meteorite
I wish I could stop this but it's not taking my orders,
Its wild inside here and you know why
But your situation I should consider,
I'm so worried I feel like I'm gonna cry
I love you so much I hope you realize,
This heart is beating faster and faster,
The feelings not gonna subside
I'm going to be calm down,
When you're by my side
I love you baby, I just want you to realize,
I wish you could feel what I feel inside
This selfish heart of mine
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