To draw a blank

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to beat the air/wind
to flog/beat a dead horse
to chase moonbeams
(κάνω) μια τρύπα στο νερό
machacar/majar/martillar en hierro frío
Lanzar golpes al aire
Lanzar puños al aire
dar palos de ciego
to throw punches at the air
dar palos al agua
quedarse en blanco
dare colpi/colpire alla cieca
(fare) un buco nell'acqua
(fá) nu buco/pertuso/buscio dint'a ll'acqua
Einen Schlag ins Wasser tun / einen Reinfall erleben
Luftlöcher schlagen
uderzać na oślep
a bate apa în piuă (să se aleagă untul)
Ударати у празно
Udarati u prazno
havanda su dovmek
sıfır çekmek
başarısız olmak
battre l'eau/l'air/le vent
Donner un coup d'épe dans l'eau.
Faire chou blanc

Meanings of "To draw a blank"


To fail

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Ce n'est pas une explication mais un équivalent.En l’occurrence en anglais. - Phoenix FR преди 2 години

The inability to get results.
This one is very figurative. Of yourself; Mentally it is to be unable to 'picture', to come up with the required. requested thought, or information. "When I was taking the test I couldn't remember the answer. I kept drawing a blank." Unable to formulate the answers.
Of others; To be unable to obtain results, answers to questions, queries. "We investigated the problem thoroughly, but were unable to find it's source, We just drew a blank. (As if to show on an empty artist's pallet no color or image, no result).

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to be unable to remember

Example: Anne draws a blank when she runs into
people she doesn’t know very well. She’s never quite
sure she has met them before.

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потерпеть неудачу; идти по ложному следу; вернуться ни с чем; быть не в состоянии вспомнить что л.

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Ne uspeti. Ćorak. Mućak. Duplo golo.

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Aurea - The Star

My soul empty and dark
It's time to draw a blank
Over my and expectations