El bé i el mal (превод на английски)


El bé i el mal

Podrem córrer per la corda fluixa
Si sabem dubtar dels nostres dubtes.
Podrem formar part del que ens envolta
Mentre tremoli l’estructura...
Tenint en compte les variables
Perquè vibrin les nostres ganes
I fer, del viure, una aventura...
Donar forma a la conjuntura
On coincideixen els moments
Que perduren al llarg del temps!
I és que hi ha dies que m’agrada
Sentir-me dins la tramuntana,
Formar part de l’aire que respira el vent,
De la sal que es queda a la pell.
Com quan corríem entre els arbres,
Descalços i amb samarretes trencades,
Conscients de fer els passos ferms,
Sentint el sol cremant al clatell.
I és allà on els moments
Perduren al llarg del temps!
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Good and Evil

We can walk the tightrope
If we know how to doubt our own doubts.
We'll be able to be part of what surrounds us
As long as the structure is shaken...
Taking all variables into account
So our desires are awakened
And we can turn life into an adventure...
Shaping the juncture
Where coincide all those moments
That last throughout time!
It's 'cause there are days when I like
To feel I'm trapped in the north wind,
Being part of the air that the wind breathes,
Of the salt that remains on our skins.
Like when we'd run amidst the trees,
Barefoot and wearing ripped T-shirts,
Conscious about putting our foot down,
Feeling how the sun burns the back of our necks.
And it's there where those moments
Last throughout time!
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