El día de los muertos (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

The Day of the Dead

The moment arrived
I didn't even choose the wood
A long time ago
I was on the waiting list.
I never stopped
To arrange my funeral
How many guests
Which Gospels
And all of a sudden
The light went out
New residence
Between the tomb and the cross.
To the clan of the dead
Now I am a new graduate
Today officially
I will begin my legacy to be carried out.
Maybe I was a nobody
But never run-of-the-mill
And now that I've died
It won't take that gift away from me.
It was my fault
Because I knew that I was mortal
I ask for an apology
For not attacking that evil.
If I was already aware
That I was allergic to death
What do I do in this place
Where now I lie inert.
Lower the coffin
I won't be a pain for any of you anymore*
And without mercy
Throw me a fistful of dirt and close it.
For today, for me the world has just ended
In this world of the blind, as you all know,
The king is always the one-eyed man.*
I was already condemned
And I will keep waiting for your gifts
On the Day of the Dead.
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*"dar guerra" is an idiom meaning "to be a pain, to be annoying"
*Refers to the aphorism "En tierra de ciegos, el tuerto es rey" - "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"


El día de los muertos

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