El huérfano (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

The orphan

One afternoon a prisoner sang
a very sad song:
If my parents were alive
I wouldn't be here in prison,
if they had spoken to me
they would have given me their blessing.
For an orphan there's no sun
everyone wants to be the father,
my cousins1 and siblings2
are ashamed of my blood,
and every step that I take
are memories of my mother.
When I would get drunk
my mother would go out looking for me,
wherever she would find me
she would become sad and begin to cry,
and if something would happen to me
she would go to console me.
I remember that she used to say to me
when I would begin to cry:
oh love of my life, 3
don't take long,
for I fear that some day
you won't find me.
My poor little mother
what a pity she has died,
she remained in her sleep,
in a very deep sleep,
but wretched I remained
alone in this world.
Today my heart is pierced 4
with the punishment of the pain,
today mother, beloved mother
your son cries for your love,
you've gone away and you've left me
in the treacherous world.
  • 1. blood cousins
  • 2. 'hermanos' can mean both siblings in general or 'brothers'.
  • 3. lit. 'love of my love of mine''.
  • 4. lit. 'my chest'. 'ataladra' = to pierce/drill
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  • Terminology: lit. (literally), lat. (latin term), pr. (pronunciation). @= a/o (for Spanish translations only, @ can be switched from a feminine or masculine perspective.
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El huérfano

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