Emina Jahović - Ne zaboravi (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Don't Forget

When with black darkness
and silence you cover yourself
and when you your shame and your sin
roll up like sleeves...
When pain inhabits your heart once
you will miss my steps
when you call me a strangers name
and yell sorrow after me
chorus: Don't forget 2X
When it breaks against your head,
what others gave
in your body God and devil
were sleeping the entire time
Now, even if you drink my tears
and if you grieve my sorrow
if we divide this pain like honor
it isn't worth it, there's no us...
chorus: Don't forget 2X
Leave your dreams on your doorstep
turn over your pillow, they might come true
but don't dream of me like that anymore
to prolong my life, to repay my heart too late
chorus: Don't forget 8X
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