Enjovher - The World Has Stopped!


The World Has Stopped!

The world has stopped!
It feels like the earth has stopped spinning,
Like a sudden and unexpected pause,
Only silence reigns in the atmosphere.
Cities have been left alone,
Streets remain empty,
Markets is now closed,
Nations are isolated from each other.
Fear, terror, uncertainty and panic
Make a party within people's thoughts,
Upsetting and incapacitating them without mercy,
As if they were paying a deserved punishment.
The power of human has been humiliated,
His pride has turned into shame and misery,
His haughtiness is now incapacity and disgrace
And their ignorance has brought them to their knees.
Who will they blame for their disaster?
Who will save their pathetic lives?
Will they learn the lesson after this?
One thing is certain: it has treated us as equals.
But, in the end, we'll see the light in the dark,
We will reflect on something after this.
And although all this will pass, assuredly,
Will we have gotten the message?
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This poem talks about the consequences and effects that the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is leaving on people and the world.

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