Ensemble nous réussirons (Générique WandaVision années 1980) (превод на английски)


Ensemble nous réussirons (Générique WandaVision années 1980)

Tu parcours le monde en l'imaginant ton destin
Puis passe/passes le temps et tu prends la vie comme elle vient
Certains veulent briser notre bonheur
Mais il y a un matin si tu es dans mon cœur
Croisant les doigts, chantant une chanson,
Ensemble avançant nous réussirons
À travers hauts et bas, triomphes ou déceptions
Ensemble avançant nous réussirons
Et certains matins, nous douterons du chemin
Mais on s'é-lè-ve-ra
Mon seul désir c'est toi
Quand tout paraît trop lourd
Quand on cherche un recours
Nous réuissirons grâce a l'amour
notre amour
oh, notre amour
notre amour
oui notre amour
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Thanks to a commenter on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btowjOVpk5I for explaining some of the words I couldn't make out (although we disagree in a few places)

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Together we succeed (WandaVision 1980s Theme Song - French)

You wander the world, imagining it's your destiny/it belongs to you
But time passes and you [have to] take life as it comes at you
Certain [people] want to destroy our happiness,
But there will [always] be a tomorrow if you're in my heart
Crossing our fingers, singing a song,
[and] advancing together, we will succeed!
Through highs and lows, triumphs or deceptions/failures
Advancing together, we will succeed!
And certain mornings, we won't know the right way
But we'll lift each other up
my only desire is you
When everything seems too heavy
When we just want a way out/a break
We will succeed, thanks to love
Our love
Oh, our love
Our love
Yes, our love,
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The "deceptions" in line 7 can signify any of: ignorance, deliberate self-deception, deception by others, one of us deceiving the other one, or one of us deceiving someone else; it carries a connotation of failing at something due to the false beliefs.

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