Evita (Musical) - Lament



The choice was mine, and mine completely
I could have any prize that I desired
I could burn with the splendors of the brightest fire
Or else, or else I could choose time
Remember I was very young then
And a year was forever and a day
So what use could fifty, sixty, seventy be?
I saw the lights, and I was on my way
And how I lived, how I shone
But how soon the lights were gone
The choice was mine and no one else's
I could have the millions at my feet
Give my life to people I might never meet
Or else to children of my own
Remember I was very young then
Thought I needed the numbers on my side
Thought the more that loved me
The more loved I’d be
And such things cannot be multiplied
Oh, my daughter, oh, my son
Understand what I have done.
Eyes, hair, face, image
All must be preserved
Still life displayed forever
No less than she deserved
Money was raised and a tomb was built
A monument to Evita
Only the pedestal was completed
And Evita's body disappeared for seventeen years
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Dodo20Dodo20    Четв, 21/07/2016 - 05:10

I think this one is from the original cast recording not the new one

sandringsandring    Четв, 21/07/2016 - 05:41

I'm sure it's the new cast performing because of their accents. That's evidently Rikky singing and the girl sounds Latin American originally. I've checked that up with their video performance at Tony Awards and they sound the same in terms of accents. No cheating with the recording in here Regular smile

Dodo20Dodo20    Четв, 21/07/2016 - 06:29

Oh, I know it's the new cast in the video, but i'm talking about the lyrics, i think the lyrics are from the original cast because this part is not in the new cast recording.


The choice was yours and no one else's
You can cry for a body in despair
Hang your head because she is no longer there
To shine, to dazzle, or betray
How she lived, how she shone
But how soon the lights were gone

sandringsandring    Четв, 21/07/2016 - 05:44

Ah, yes, and the lyrics have slight changes compared to the original where you don't see a link in my transcription. I upgraded the text and added what was missing in the original but sounds in the video. Regular smile

sandringsandring    Четв, 21/07/2016 - 06:40

Sorry, you're right, I got completely messed up in the head with all those songs. The text doesn't match at all. I'll just transcribe the whole text from the scratch.

Dodo20Dodo20    Четв, 21/07/2016 - 06:46

It's ok, Thank you so much for all the transcriptions by the way.

sandringsandring    Четв, 21/07/2016 - 07:02

Done. Now correct to the last sound. I'll check up all the rest tonight. Sorry once more. Regular smile