Fair game

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Meanings of "Fair game"


Any person or thing that is considered a reasonable target for criticism, exploitation, or attack. This would include sexual advances. This expression often has a negative intention and/or results connotation, unless you are the pursuer.
Literal meaning; 'fair game' is wildlife that is within the licensing period and designated area, and standards given where hunting/fishing are allowed to take them from that given area in the time limits as prescribed.
A fair game is also one in sport or actions that have equal positioning, personnel, resources, and such and abide by given, known rules and of conduct.

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дичь, на которую разрешено охотиться; объект нападок или травли

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"Fair game" в текстове на песни

Shakira - Come, come (This is Africa) ft. Freshlyground

The moment has arrived, the walls fall
it's going to start, the one fair game
the kick doesn't hurt, fear doesn't exist

Freddy Quinn - Hundert Mann und ein Befehl

Somewhere in a foreign land,
they wander through rock and sand,
far from home and fair game,
100 men and he’s there as well

Stefflon Don - Senseless

Dat gal you must mad
Mi too bad, Ask about
Mi say it fair game
If dem ever play-play wi mi name

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Intro: What am I to You

I’m Mesi who is running across a plain
Okay, I knew from the start that
There was no way this would be a fair game
I didn’t want to win over you

London Grammar - Leave the War With Me

Fair game, go on and drop your hat
Feathers gone and make you lose mine
Losing love all over again
But it's my way till the end of time

DUCKWRTH - Fall Back

Ganged up at the creek
If u wanna play beef
That is not a fair game
That’s aces of spades

Slayer - Disciple

Pessimist, Terrorist targeting the next mark
Global chaos feeding on hysteria
Cut throat, slit your wrist, shoot you in the back fair game
Drug abuse, self abuse searching for the next high

Hiba Tawaji - I Must Change the System

There are no more bonds nor values
Friendship was severed
Everything became fair game
Exploiting, cheating

Willie Nelson - My Tears Fall

lovers and friends the same
everyone's fair game
everyone can hurt your heart

Aline Frazão - So many, so much

that one might think that there's no charge
There's so many rules in here
that one might think it's a fair game
There's so much excess in here

Sia - Fair Game

If I can’t respect any man
I want to play a fair game
I want to play a fair game

Lo Da-Yu - The Orphan Of Asia

The orphan of Asia was crying in the wind
no one wanted to play a fair game with you
everyone wanted your beloved toys

Bushido - Scum

Your parents are right, I should be put into a cage
I do not fit into your picture?
Yo don't fit into mine either and from today on I declare you fair game
I am the state's enemy

The Raveonettes - Run Mascara Run

I'm sleepwalking through cities of surf
Waves exploding on shore, no fair game
Fifteen tanned boys weeping in the sand

Lana Del Rey - Motel 6

Gone is your charm
Well come on, going to get her
Baby, it's a fair game

Little Glee Monster - Catch me if you can

Come on and get me, get me, get me, get me, baby, baby

I’ve gotta say this world ain’t no fair game, girl
They try to bring us down before we begin

The Mamadou - RBG #17 - Rick Sanchez vs. Bojack Horseman

Don't worry! It's fair game...

Corbyn Besson - Until We're Free

Sometimes that's all you need to set your life in motion
Yeah Corbyn Besson is the name
Don't try to better me, yu know it ain't a fair game
You can try, but you'll be put in the Hall of shame

Natalya Podolskaya - Intuition

My transmitters tell me, that you are close

My intuition has played a fair game with me everywhere
I know, looking for you, her with my compass is just beginning

Ryn Weaver - The Fool

It doesn't show, oh

So I curse my star for a fair game
While you nurse my scars and the old flame