Dado Polumenta - Fali Mi Ljubav (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

I'm Lacking Love

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Somewhere in the East
I'm sworn to find her
For my master
To return with her
A word lead me
To her chambers
She approaches me asif she knows
That she's exactly the one
A silk scarf fell from her face
A piece of bread got stuck in my throat
With her hand she gave me some water
I could get killed because of you
I'm lacking love
And my heart is sending me towards you
It wouldn't lie
When you're close to me
I go crazy and burn
For your lips
With every look
She tied upon my heart
An incredibly beautiful
Flower from her imagination
She wanted to give me
Her lips soft like cashmere
To fulfill my dreams
To dance for me
Her silk dress fell on the floor
She touched me with her lips, my heart stopped
And while her fingers are touching me softly
They are playing me the most beautiful song tonight
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Fali Mi Ljubav

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