Finger licking

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Meanings of "Finger licking"


Çok lezzetli, parmak yalatacak kadar leziz.

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"Finger licking" в текстове на песни

Descendants (OST) - Evil Like Me

Don't you wanna be heartless and hardened as stone?
Don't you wanna be finger licking evil to the bone?

G Girls - Call the police

Who's there, who's now, who's busy, busy
Who cares? You don't, you with me, with me
Better walk, hit the lights, finger-licking good
We're tricking with the bouncers, it's all good

Brooke Candy - Das Me

I'm a CEO, Dream girl, Drug Dealer
Real just like my titties you can even cop a feel-a
Finger licking good, treat my pussy like a meal-a
Talk about my tit size I need to see your dick size

Motörhead - Eat The Rich

Home cooking, homicide
Side order, could be your daughter
Finger licking good

Othello Bayard - Haiti, my beloved

You'll find oranges that came from Italy
But that are passed ripe and half rotten
In Haiti, everything is finger licking good!
And on that note, we're better then any other country

Nine - Richman Poorman (Act One)

We ain't got a pot to piss in
I'm sick of eating chicken
It's finger licking
We on a mission

Jack Johnson - Taylor

She used to be a limber chick
Time's been ticking
Now she's finger licking to the man
With the money in his pocket

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Backwoods

Mr. Uplift Mofo - my man Bo Diddley
hit sippin' a bottle of nickle ripple
play the lickity split finger licking licks
for all you wicked city slick chicks

Cradle of Filth - Thank Your Lucky Scars

True nature's stark decree
The brute, finger licking
From his sickening feats

KSI - Goes Off

Made the riches with my words
Making pasta in the kitchen
Shit is finger licking
Now they acting so suspicious

2 Unlimited - Delight

2 Unlimited, oh yeah, we're the fittest
Moving, don't you dare to be a chicken
'Cause the bass is so finger licking
Let it move y'all, till it suits y'all