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Five-O (Английски) — (Taken from the Urban Dictionnary). Short for police officers. Originated from the TV show Hawaii 5-0 which was a copp show in the 1970's. Hawaii is the 50th state, hence the nickname "5-0".

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Five-O — Désigne les policiers, une descente de police, ... . A l'origine, le nom dérive d'une série télévisée des années 70. Hawaii étant le 50ème Etat américain, le nom "five" (=5) et "o" (=0) découle de ce nombre.

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"Five-O" в текстове на песни

It is five o'clock (a.m.)
Paris get up
It is five o'clock
I don’t want to sleep

Jacques Dutronc - It's five o'clock, Paris wake up (Lyrics)

I don't want to sleep sleep
Let me come in the day
It's midnight in Tokyo
It's five o'clock in Mali
What time is it in paradise?

Manu Chao - Life with two

For the old women who die at home, surrounded by their cats.
For August and for the girls in Summer,
For the elderly, we must treat them well in return,
Those who commit crimes hidden from the Five-O
Long live the Golden Age bro, waiting for the turkey
For you, for me, to see you again

Suite Soprano - For Ever and Ever

So then I get to the club
Looking like a drowned, harassed rat
And I'm greeted, not by Miss Rose at the door
But our friend, Johnny Five-O
Yes honey, the NYPD shut down the party
So no fee for me, and I don't even know what's the tea!

Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki

Verse 1:

It's five o'clock am
and I haven't slept at all
thinking about your beauty

Lucenzo - Obsession

It is not a lie, I am also done, my heart is in pieces
I have promised, I will not cross your way
But it is hard to resist,
If it is five o´clock in the morning,
If you get tired and are in Istanbul
In Istanbul which burnt me

Emre Aydın - Alas

Who are you
And what are you doing in front of me at five o'clock
It's the small hours and I'm sinking into your eyes again
And I'm thinking what is this feeling, oh no

Haloo Helsinki! - Baby

Explaining, I've divided my hopes
Multiplying my head against the wall

I woke up, it's three, four, five (o'clock)
Doesn't matter for me
When my heart starts to beating faster

Gripin - Five

I'm writing you because I need to
it's five o'clock and dawning too
The only thing that is left standing
in this deserted world it's you

Pavlos Sidiropoulos - Do love me

[Verse 2: Madonna]
We're jumping in the pool and swimmin' with our clothes on
I poured a beer into my shoe and got my freak on
The neighbor's pissed and says he's gonna call the Five-O
If they show up then we are gonna give a good show

Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna

I promise, tomorrow I'm done with drink, yesterday was the last.

"Well, bye then, call me!"
Five o'clock, girl thanked, I call a meeting,
I stink of gin, vodka and sake!
"Your eye's spinning", "I can tell by your smiles,

Tryo - Sorry About Last Night

This dream was the shortest of all.
I’ll be missing you…
I know you’ll do even more
I’ll be doing about five o’clock.

I’ll be missing…

MakSim - Dream

When I'm away from her the times slow
And I ain't leaning on a double cup of Styrofoam
She got me feening, you wanna know the reason she really fly though
She gets me high but I ain't got a high to run the five-O
And when her name pops up on my iPhone
I'm still mind blown that this love is diamonds, no brimstone

Madison Beer - All For Love

We gather together
After years on the road
And we come there to sit around our meal
Everyone is there, at five o' clock in the evening

When San Francisco gets foggy

Maxime Le Forestier - San Francisco

[Spin the wheel spin the wheel spin the wheel]
Five o'clock in the morning you ain't home
I can't help thinking that's strange
Yeah yeah baby

George Michael - Spinning The Wheel

Runs over the poplar
No one is ever in a hurry

It's already five o-clock
Maybe sleep will come
Maybe you will visit me

Stare Dobre Małżeństwo - Black blues four in the morning

It was five (o'clock), it was six, then already seven
grief seized me and I cried sorrowfully
I cried 'bout my life and about destiny
my clock says eight o'clock

I read the news and the social (column)

Giorgos Dalaras - Itan pede itan exi

Eight blocks left, death is around the corner
Seven misleadin' statements 'bout my persona
Six headlights wavin' in my direction
Five-O askin' me what's in my possession
Yeah I keep runnin', jumpin' the aqueducts
Fire hydrants and hazard dust

Beyoncé - Freedom

Think I might need another prescription
Call the doc, I must be sick
Better get me my medicine
Now it’s five o’clock, on the phone again
I think I might need another prescription

Hollywood Undead - Medicine

Your voice disturbs me
It's almost five o'clock
Understand that I don't want to speak about it anymore
It's useless

RBD - Get out

How could I fall for that again?
Try not to wake you up
Maybe it'll be forgotten along the way
You called me a little before five (o'clock)
And asked me if I was home
I said no, i'll just go to your place

Barbara Moleko - Dumb for you

Cause we're not in american movies
Stress generates victims
You don;t watch the news
At five o'clock, you;re on air
With all the murders

Puya (România) - Somwehere in the Balkans

When you're in love

You can think you're in New York
Five o'clock in the afternoon, cinq heures
Or in a square in Bangkok
When you're in love

Nana Mouskouri - When you're in love

It is five o'clock (a.m.)
Paris awakes
It is five o'clock
I'm not sleepy

Jacques Dutronc - It's Five O'Clock, Paris Awakes

It’s good and I look like a happy child
Because of that cheering inside you
You have no idea how happy I am
At Five o’clock I’m going around to your house for an ice cream
I Will take with me that cd for Bob you have asked me
So then we are going walking together

Seu Jorge - No Title

Wednesday morning at five o'clock
As the day begins
Silently closing her bedroom door
Leaving the note that she hoped would say more
She goes downstairs to the kitchen
Clutching her handkerchief

The Beatles - She's Leaving Home

Por las viejas que se mueren en su casa rodeás’ de sus gatos.
Por Agosto y por las chicas en verano,
Por los ancianos, devolvámosle el buen trato,
los que delinquen escondidos de los Five-O
vivo la edad dorada bro, añorando la del pavo
Por ti, por mí, por volverte a ver,

Suite Soprano - Por los Siglos

Got a hot dog kickin' all bend my thing
Got a sugar lookin' woman
with a bald headed man
Give me five-o here boy,
that's what I'll do
Got a big fat momma

AC/DC - Hold Me Back

I will always be your first love

I wake up without the morning
By five o'clock in the afternoon it has already ended
It's one more without your glance
And with your absence, the sun has escaped me

Selena - Wherever You Are

What time is it when you're angry
you don't have to worry every time
It always comes into your mind
to go crazy until five (o clock)

That's just fun

MC Stojan - backless dress

That there should be light and noise
At the mountain prom

As true as there's tea five o'clock in England
That one has liquor with the dinner
That carpenters measure with a meter ruler

Sven-Gösta Jonsson - Jokkmokk rock

Good morning, good morning...

People running round it's five o'clock.
Everywhere in town is getting dark.
Everyone you see is full of life.

The Beatles - Good Morning Good Morning

As if I hadn't seen her last night
She was with my pal pal pal
They went to bed bed bed together
Until five o'clock in the morning ning ning
She's not worth anything anything anything

DEX (Vocaloid) - Mentirosa

I wake up at five o'clock in the morning, take green teacup from stove
Settle vinyls to new stacks
I dance to those songs for which I get pleasure
And again hang new brands on leather jacket's sleeves

I will to change

Haloo Helsinki! - Shout!

At two o'clock and five o'clock
Flight to another world
They are distributing tickets for heaven
At two o'clock and five o'clock
Flight to another world

Divlje Jagode - Flight to another world

Alors j'arrive à la boîte
Avec l'air d'un rat noyé et tourmenté
Et qui m'accueille à la porte ? Pas Mademoiselle Rose
Mais notre ami, Johnny 50[fn]Je n'ai aucune idée qui est Johnny five o[/fn]
Oui chéri, les flics ont coupé la soirée
Alors pas de prix pour moi, et je ne sais même pas le potin !

Scissor Sisters - Faisons Un Quiqui

Strong spirits or black coffee
I run a red light, police, patrol
I squeeze my cheeks there;'s nothing urgent
"Four, Five francs my rose"
Calls the little Thing in the pink morning
I park my Ondine under her nursery rhymes

Chagrin d’Amour - Each does as he pleases

It was five o'clock in the morning
We moved through the marsh
Covered in fog (or mist)
I had my rifle in my hands
A passerine takes flight from afar
The eager dogs walked ahead

Michel Delpech - The Hunter

It was five o, it was six o, it's seven o' clock,
the emotion overtook me, I shed bitter clods;
I was crying for my living and for destiny;
eight o' clock my watch says credibly

I then read reports and stories and the gossip news,

Giorgos Dalaras - It was five o, it was six o

There was a man who owned a store
In nineteen hundred thirty four
In Düsseldorf
And every night at five O nine
He'd cross the park down to the Rhine
And he'd sit there by the shore

Katie Melua - In Germany Before The War

Att det ska lysa och skrälla
Kring dansen i fjälla

Så sant som i England finns tea five o'clock
Till midda'n man tager en flaska med dock (?)
Att snickare mäter med sin meterstock

Sven-Gösta Jonsson - Jokkmokkrock

A shallow Helsinki girl
won't belong to my world
And I can't do it other way
in five o'clock staying awake
Too tired, too tight
that's a good reason to fight

Cheek - Why Does It Happen

If you see her,
in front of the cafe, playing hopscotch,
in evening that's five o'clock
her yesterday return from school.

Joan Manuel Serrat - In labour

There are two children who are sitting
On the edge of the sidewalk
It's five o'clock and school is done
They tell each other stories

Pierre Bachelet - Don't Cry Boulou

I had it made
A dagger of pure light steel
To kill my loved one and I did kill
Five o'clock at Central Avenue
But those people at the dining room
Are occupied with borning and dying

Marisa Monte - Panis et Circensis

Pentru batranele ce mor in casa inconjurate de pisicile lor
Pentru luna august si pentru fetele din vara
Pentru batranii, sa ii tratam din nou cu bun simt,
cei ce comit infractiuni ascunsi de cei 5 O(Five-O)
traiesc varsta de aur, frate, tanjind dupa cea de ...!?
Pentru tine, pentru mine, pentru a te revedea,

Suite Soprano - Pentru secole

On peut marcher à New-York
(Sous la pluie)
Prendre le thé à five o'clock
(À minuit)
Passer l'été à Bangkok

Nana Mouskouri - Quand on s'aime

Reapply mascara to your eyelashes,
Lola, who will be with you soon.
Another glass of liquor.
It was in April, at five o' clock,
At dawn, when into your soft heart
A dragon plunged his knife.

Yves Montand - Is This How Men Live?

The day's light is pink in your eyes
in the rift over the pavement
early morning, five o'clock
everything around changes place
and blurs far away

Kent - Rubber Band

Five o'clock and a fire escape symphony
Spilling out across the road and the square
And the sky's the same as your own do ya think of me?
Do the parks and trees and the leaves reach you there?
After the rain, in the lonely hours he haunts me,
Callin' out again and again

Nerina Pallot - Sophia

As a young person,
You are a delicate and innocent girl
We meet at five-o'clock in the evening
Just come alone

Flash - My Love Letter

Yo, you hear 'em sirens
I know you hear 'em
Don't get scared
It ain't five-o (naw)
That's the funk yo (yeah)
Don't act like you didn't know (hun)

The Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be

Noi sărim în piscină și înotăm cu hainele pe noi
Am turnat o bere în pantof și mă las dusă de val
Vecinul e supărat și spune că va suna la Five-O
Dacă ei vin vom avea un spectacol

Madonna - Curvo,sunt Madonna

Acht Häuserblocks links, Tod lauert um die Ecke
Sieben irreführende Behauptungen über meine Person
Sechs Autoscheinwerfer scheinen in meine Richtung
Five-O (Polizei) fragt mich, was ich im Besitz habe
(impliziert eventuelle Drogen)
Year, ich renne weiter, springe über Wasserleitungen

Beyoncé - Freiheit

Pensez, listen to me, écoutez :

Rosbeef, beefsteak
Five o´clock, pin-up girl
Gentleman, zeronono, kalipeto
Armoire à glace, vélocipède

Bourvil - Chanson anglaise

I don't want to make you cry
Please forgive me
Oh I'm just your jealous guy
Oh, it's five o'clock - we're sitting in my car
Oh, just you and me - and a lonely star
Oh, I swear you - oh I will love you baby

Dieter Bohlen - Oh I Miss You

Right now, now

It's four o'clock, you're not here
It's five, not here
Six, seven, the next day, the following day, and who knows?

Zülfü Livaneli - It's four... you're not here

Sitting in a pub near The Old Beach,[fn]A street in Copenhagen.[/fn]
every coin is used, I'm a very good man.
The guests disappear, I think it is five o'clock,
I called my wife, it is about time to go home.

John Mogensen - Sitting In A Pub

A woman waits for marriage
A woman waits for children
She waits for her big Mal to come back home
At five o'clock
Or six o'clock
'Til it's nine o'clock

The Addams Family (musical) - Waiting

Dear Bob,
How's old London with all the smog, dear Bob?
Tell me a bit...
always have your tea with milk at five o'clock,
dear Bob?
Leave everything please, take a train and in a few hours

Quartetto Cetra - Sunshine, Pizza and Love

que no estaban invitados con tarjeta de cartón.

Ah!, las reuniones comadre, comentadas por semanas,
five o' clock tea de Las Ranas, de la gente mas compadre,
de los que recién llegados ligaban un ginebrón
porque estaban invitados con tarjeta de cartón.

La Chicana - Polka de la tarjeta de cartón

I got deciples in Massachutsetts to Sin City
all the way to Indiana down to the Mississippi
I got disciples right here in Albucrazy
Five o five represent 'cause the Zia made me
My point is that I know y'all are everywhere
From deep inside Texas all the way to Delaware

SickTanicK - Against All Gods

It's five o'clock in the evening
People come and go
On my face is written
The state of my heart

Doing what cannot be done

Capital Inicial - Where You Begin

Feleena's young lover had shot down another
And he had to leave there, so out through the back door he ran.

The next day at five o'clock, she heart a rifle shot
Quickly she ran to the door that was facin' the pass.
She saw her cowboy, her wild ridin' cowboy.

Marty Robbins - Feleena (from El Paso)

В моей альтернативе есть логический блок,
Спасающий меня от ненужных ходов;
Некий переносной five o'clock,
Моя уверенность в том, что я не готов.
И когда я был начеку,

Akvarium - Al'ternativa (Альтернатива)

My alternative has the logical unit,
Saving me from unnecessary moves;
Some mobile five o'clock,
I'm sure that I'm not ready.
And when I was on the alert,

Akvarium - The Alternative

que no estaban invitados con tarjeta de cartón.

Ah!, las reuniones comadre, comentadas por semanas,
five o' clock tea de Las Ranas, de la gente mas compadre,
de los que recién llegados ligaban un ginebrón
porque estaban invitados con tarjeta de cartón.

Cuarteto Cedrón - Polka de la tarjeta de cartón

Oh, I know that your impulse
changes hour by hour,
I know that I'm four or five o'clock
and that your eyes lie to me
when you weep.

Guillermina Motta - Song of fake desire

Here we go! Oh!

[Verse 1: Kelly Rowland]
It's five o'clock am,
And the party is still going strong.
There is a conversation in the corner,

Kelly Rowland - Daylight

And it's you I'm waiting for

I'm sitting on a sidewalk and I grow my hair
It's only five o'clock and I can't see you anywhere
I wonder if the doves will ever know
That I miss you

77 Bombay Street - Angel

Sometimes he lets that boss get in his head
He can’t see past that mountain of deadlines on his desk
Five o’clock he’s that last one out of the gate
And he gets cut off flipped off ticked off out on the interstate
And he wonders why this world won’t leave him alone

Rascal Flatts - Things That Matter

You never walked
On Duvivier<fn>A street</fn> at five o' clock
Neither did you get frightened eaving Val Improviso<fn>A night club</fn>
It was almost noon

Cássia Eller - Only The Mothers Are Happy

I don't even know what are the words that
It behooves me to scream out loud now
All I know is that it's five o'clock in the morning, freezing cold
22nd of November

Koniec Świata - Black and White NYC

They call me the workin' man.
I guess that's what I am.

So I get home at five o'clock,
And I take myself out a nice, cold beer.
Always seem to be wond'rin'

Rush - Working Man

Podej mi čutoru
jestli zbyl tam ještě lok
a nejen ze vzdoru
my na tea five o’clock
můj starej kámoši
se nenecháme zvát

Radůza - Čutora

'Cause girl it's been a long hard day
It seems we work our lives away
Five o'clock I'm beat, dead on these two feet

But girl when I come home to you

Jake Owen - Long Night With You

See I I really need him to stay
For a couple more days
Can't you make his
Five o'clock flight delay
Won't you find a way

Ariana Grande - Snow In California

It's five O'clock, just got paid
I'll be off the next two days
No more workin' like dogs
No more leash, no more boss

I got a weekend of nothin' to do at all

Jake Owen - Yee Haw

I'm writing to you again because I need to
The time is five o' clock in the morning
The only thing left standing,
In this world, is you

Pavlos Sidiropoulos - Love Me

Caro Bob,
come sta la vecchia Londra con lo smog, caro Bob?
Dimmi un po',
prendi sempre il tè col latte al "five o'clock",
caro Bob?
Lascia tutto per favore, prendi un treno in poche ore,

Quartetto Cetra - Sole, pizza e amore

The inattentive cayman
Imitated a cat saying bau bau
Because he studied languages
And he wanted the five o'clock tea
An old fakir told me
"You're not an emir in gilet"

Rino Gaetano - ahi maria

I commisioned
A dagger of a shiny steel
To kill my love, and i killed
At five o' clock at the central avenue
But the people in the dining room
Are busy with being born and dying

Boca Livre - Panis et circenses

That all this is the way
That it has to be

It's five o'clock
And I walk through the empty streets
The night is my friend

Aphrodite's Child - It's Five O'Clock

I could stay as long as you'll be mine
But what does success worth when it's not shared? (Nothing)
I think, [now Århus], but my home is with you
I'm on my way to you after five o' clock
And when I've earned money,
I'll spend it on my woman

L.I.G.A - Around and Around

It's five o'clock this morning and the sun is on the rise.
There's frosting on the windowpane and sorrow in your eyes.
The stars are fading quietly, night is nearly gone.
And so you turn away from me and tears begin to come,
and it's goodbye again, I'm sorry to be leaving you.
Goodbye again, as if you didn't know, it's goodbye again,

John Denver - Goodbye Again

It's snowing on Lake Maggiore
The lyre-birds are in tears
I hear something like a motor
It's the five o' clock boat
I have forgotten everything of happiness
It's snowing on Lake Maggiore

Mort Shuman - Lake Maggiore

Yesterday I had a nightmare
and remained there lying down on the mattress.
Five o'clock a song from my stereos
<em>makes me wanna die</em>.

Mariska - Swing

"Only a humanitarian mission without spoiling blood!"
"We can't fully exclude fighting missions."
They're pulling us in, step by step
And since five o'clock this morning we're shooting back again!

Stay alert!

Reinhard Mey - Stay alert

Thanks, beer floats
Drinks always on the company, levels
Come with us if you are fed up
I told you this party won't stop until five o'clock
My IG is my ID
I own social media

Tuuli - Names On The List

In the afternoon at five.

How terrible this afternoon at five!
It was five o’clock by all the watches!
The afternoon was in shadow at five!

Federico Garcia Lorca - In the Afternoon at Five

The police try to arrest us
But then they see the baby girl

Five o'clock in the morning
I'm drinking coffee on the ward
I take a walk in to see her

Stereophonics - All In One Night

Could connive and cheat but rarely get beat
Ya see I'm streetwise, a con-game pro
Kickin the Bobby bullshit, too smart for Willie Bobo
Not stressin five-o, hot hand in celo
Live in the land of crooks yes Brooklyn's the borough
Homicide central, East New York

Jeru The Damaja - D. Original

[Verse 1]
Let's go down to Mergellina
Don't speak about it anymor
At five o'clock
It's me and you
A rose and a hundred thorns

Liberato - You Forgot Me

Downtown hopping fences
I smash a window on a Lexus now
Five-O's on my tail
But they moving like a snail
I got some shit to say

New Politics - Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens)

Once again, back is the incredible
The rhyme animal
The uncannable D, Public Enemy Number One
Five-O said, "Freeze!" and I got numb
Can I tell 'em that I never really had a gun?
But it's the wax that the Terminator X spun

Anthrax - Bring The Noise

Oh, it's five o'clock and I cannot sleep
You are in New York and my heart is weak
I'm watching you on this photograph
I'm the biggest fool and I hear your laugh

Lady, careless memory

Blue System - Lady Unforgettable

And your wife was dead,
"Shit happens," Francis said.

Francis said, "it's five o'clock,
How about we find a rock
And throw it at some cars

Ylvis - Old Friends

I demanded that
a dagger of pure luminous steel be made
To kill my love and I killed her
At five o'clock on Central Avenue
But the people in the dining hall
Are busy being born and dying

Os Mutantes - Bread and Circuses

Five o'clock in the mornin'
Floatin' over my bed
Temptin' fate is a pleasure
Goin' straight to my head

Not one for collegiate

Sebastian Bach - Our Love Is A Lie

They going crazy for the DJ when he play the shit
They be on that late night shit
One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four
Five o'clock, six o'clock, you can hit your boy
If you ain't the type of bitch talking 'bout relationships
Hit me up, hit me up on that late night shit

Trey Songz - Late Night

Everyone I love is waiting for me at home
If they ask me about race I say I'm Latin
Once more for all the homies who've been there for me
The sirens are sounding again in the neighborhood ("Five-o!")
The po-pos are here to put us behind iron bars,
Nothing but love for my daughter Diana,

B.U.G. Mafia - Street poem

The smell of burning leaves is in the air.
November twilight steals across my heart.

At five o’clock the streets are dark,
across the empty bandstand in the park.
November twilight softly falls again.

Julie London - November Twilight

για άλλη μια φορά, πίσω είναι το απίστευτο,
το ρυθμικό ζώο.
Ο απεριόριστος D, Υπ'αριθμόν Ένα Public Enemy.
O Five-O είπε: "Παγώσατε !" και εγώ μούδιασα.
Δύναμαι να τους είπω ότι ουδέποτε πράγματι δεν οπλοφορούσα ;
Όμως είναι το κερί που ο Εξολοθρευτής Χ στριφογύρισε.

Anthrax - Ουρλιάξτε !

Let me let you without job

Miss, miss
Again five o'clock catch me

Smiley - In the station at Lizeanu

The host, with the hostess, they got up
With hammer and stone, they massacred it

When it was about five o' clock the boy got up
"Give me my suitcase, murderers,
my bag with my cane, cursed thieves!"

Malicorne - The Bloody Hostel

Crocodile hunter, turn 'em to some gator shots (urr)
Iced out watch (ice), ridin' round ten o' clock (ten)
Ridin' round, geeked up, damn, think it's three o'clock (three)
Four o'clock (four), five o'clock, six o'clock (five)
I'm gon' pop, if I don't I'm back to the pot (whip)
I got rocks (rocks), big bales, big arms (bales)

Migos - Slippery

We gon' run some red lights
And you know there ain't no stopping even when we get home
Girl we gon' run some red lights
Push the pedal to the metal speedin' past the Five-O
And girl you know it's key push to start, sex in a car for hours
Your body parts under your hood, it's power, babe

Austin Mahone - Red Lights (Remix)

När aina stressar och skriker händer i luften
Buffeln tror han är tuff len, bakom brickan med truppen
Men en dag kommer trakten vända på bluffen, tända på hela kuppen
Smälla och göra upp med aina, five-o, aina langar live show
På en elefant genom djungeln som Ayo
Trampar ner grisar och langar upp en nice flow

Carlito - Mitt Land

That's all
I wean myself from you
I wean myself from our meetings
I don't meet you at five o'clock
I wean myself from your shoulders and plaits

Grigory Dimant - Bitter Honey

Prom Queen, Miss America
In the backseat in a pair of cuffs
Sixteen, little runaway
From the Five-O and you got away
From a small town with no scene
Looking for a shot on the big screen

Three Days Grace - Expectations

Of having spent too much love
That will never come back

At five o'clock in the morning, the photos slide
And your fake well-behaved repeat themselves
I make your eyes bigger, I'd want to die

Syria - Hate

oh, maybe I'll leave the gas, oh let everything fly away
why not, why not

Breakfast at five o clock, lips like honey
and what i already know for too long
we didn't get here together

Dara Bubamara - Take yourself out

Eyes of the the beloved are wet
In their minds, their comrade on its way to the gallows.
In struggle with the green death
At five o'clock in the morning

Serenad Bağcan - Requiem for the Geranium

The days turn into lesser days until there's only night
The light it wouldn't help she's too far gone

Her time is up it's five o'clock
It never stops

Hanson - Watch Over Me

I don't know if I can

Midnight is striking there's a pumpkin by the door
It's five o'clock and the streets are clear am I alone once more?
I watched the dawn in an electric storm, my compass blew haywire
There she stands with a slipper in her hand

Prefab Sprout - Tiffany's

Stumbled all the way back
Ok, Just wanna make sure you can keep it between the navigational beacons
Bring the booze, I tell you
All right. Well, it's five o'clock, let's go somewhere
I'm ready, crank it up
Let's get out of here

Alan Jackson - It's five o'clock somewhere

I take care of myself, I can clean, I can cook
I've said it before, but something is clearly missing
It's five o'clock, it's time to row home, struggle home
Alone, yes alone, so alone again

Traste Lindéns Kvintett - Alone Again

When they're going to end up on the port
In the few bars that still serve
Where there's cigarets and drunken Englishmen
Five o' clock in the morning
The queu in the kebabs at the nightclub outlet
You can take a pita or take a punch

Orelsan - In my town

I hear the sounds emanatin' from my radio
I get excited when I hear a song I didn't know
And five o'clock never comes too fast
Each day feels like the last
I know I have to quit

Louden Swain - Rock Song

Darling, I'll be there at the five o'clock tea
Of course I'll only be with you!
Darling, I'll bring you an orchid
Isn't that nice of me?
When you fulfil all my wishes
Then you get to hear everything you want to know.

Max Hansen - The first woman I kissed

"They killed him for singing to freedom".

The fifth, at five
at five o'clock in the afternoon.

Come for Federico

Miguel Ríos - The fifth, at five

Plays tennis and squash
and a bit of table tennis of course
He is an athletic man
Every morning five o'clock
he gets out of his bed
He drinks two cups of tea

Traste Lindéns Kvintett - Happy Man

Hear our voices that rise from the factories
Our proletarian voices that say we’re fed up
Fed up with getting up every day at five o’clock
To take a car, a train, parked like cattle
Fed up with the machine that makes our heads drunk

Dominique Grange - The New Partisans

play like a guitar
play like a guitar

Five o'clock and i'm on you like i would be possessed, under the sheets hiding, but voices can hear be heard from far
Escaping from my hometown so we could banish those rumours
In lobby of the hotel we fighting, ripping cloths from each other

Ollie - Play me

Five o'clock in the morning
one fast call
You said we'd meet
at your place, in your room
Noone would be there
so I walked up the stairs

Raining Pleasure - Nostalgia

With a club in their hand at the demonstration they are in the first rows

Everywhere just pigs
We all want to be five-o. [1}

What kind of people, even today shout "Sieg Heil!"

Fuckin' Faces - We fight back

Draw on canvas everyday:
Your thoughts, your hands.
Do you agree to allow me to
Draw all of you just because of boredom tomorrow at five o'clock?
I created the warmth and tenderness of summer in colors,
Heat of fire and strips of light like in your eyes.

Monetochka - You Went With Realists

one stare at the alarm clock
jeez it's only one o'clock
two three o'clock four five o'clock
day light spreads upon my bed spread
hold me til i feel dead

Rai Thistlethwayte - I remember

I woke up in love this morning, I woke up in love this morning
Went to sleep with you on my mind

Hello girl, yes it's five o'clock, I know, but you just listen
There's something that I've got to let you know
This is you, this pillow that I'm hugging and I'm kissing

The Partridge Family - I Woke Up in Love This Morning


Five o'clock, work ends, Run to the bus,
“(Good) evening old man, evening old girl” - Dinner,
Go to the next pub, Drink beer.

Ton Steine Scherben - Why Do I Feel So Miserable?

Yes, my watch shows almost five o'clock
But you can't understand without a quarrel
And even if I say "sorry" one hundred times and "sorry" again
You won't understand, my element number five

Yes, we have had sins for much time

Andrey Lenitsky - Сonsciousness

We ought to be grownup men
With beautiful families and safe homes
But the tour bus is leaving at five o'clock
And we act as if the world will just wait in the meantime
We escape in women who are obsessed with dicks

L.O.C. - Honest

This world drowns in the abnormal
Your soul is all, all, all that remained loyal to me

It is late, it is five o'clock
I would have liked for you to be here
But your heart says stop

XOXO - It's late

Więc tańcz w karnawale
Tańcz jesienią, latem, stale
Przetańcz wszystkie fajfy[fn]przyjęcie popołudniowe, five o'clock[/fn], bale
Taniec to grunt

Adam Aston - Tańcz, mój złoty (Let Yourself Go)

Now the traffic lights change to stop,
when there's nothing to go

And by five o'clock everything's dead
And every third car is a cab
And ignorant people sleep in their beds

Del Amitri - Nothing Ever Happens

Kad sam daleko od nje vreme je sporo
Ne pomaže mi ni dupli Lean (vrsta pića/droge)*
Osvestila me je, želiš da znaš razlog zašto je stvarno poletela
Ona me diže ali nemam toliku visinu da pobegnem od policije (five-O)**
I kad njeno ime iskoči na mom iPhone-u
Još uvek mislim je ova ljubav dijamant, ne sumpor

Madison Beer - Sve za ljubav

to an avenue
of stony coral.

Around five o’clock
a great golden fish
comes to greet me.

Alfonsina Storni - Me at the bottom of the sea

Until you, feeling that I can blaze
Until you, my Monday date

Monday is a mist and it's almost five o'clock
Monday is buying groceries and taking the train home afterwards
Monday is dusting and frying without noise

Ray Dee Ohh - Monday Date

It must be good to live in the house of lords

The house is now in darkness before the coming day
But at five o'clock that morning, the master passed away
The halls are now in sadness and everybody cries
On the banks of Burntley River is where Sir Frederick lies

Bee Gees - House of Lords

On ancient Irish history
The men all started telling jokes
And the women they got frisky
By five o'clock in the evening
Every bastard there was piskey

The Pogues - Body of an american

You can stay here tonight
Just for tonight
Because tomorrow, five o'clock

Then you'll have to find another friend

Mods - Just for tonight

On the expressway to your heart
The expressway is not the best way
At five o'clock it's much too crowded
Much too crowded, so crowded
No room for me (too crowded)

The Soul Survivors - Expressway to Your Heart