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Can someone please translate the Arabic part of the song, I mean the intro.

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والله يا أبي
انك لأحب على قلبي من روحي
ولكنك تهون على قلبي
من أجل ديني و قضيتي

Father, I swear
That I love you more than my soul
But, my heart will give you away
For the sake of my creed and my cause

I couldn't make out the rest of this part, before it cuts into a girl saying:

كل ما تروح المخيم لازم تلاقي مرة أو شخص بعيط لأبنه أو لداره أو ل مثلا فقيد

Every time you go to the (refugee) camp, you will find a woman or a person crying out for their child or their house or, for example, for someone they lost

Hope that helps, even if it's a few years too late Regular smile