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Hello everyone. i am in a bit of a panic as i have no words of turkish and i need to translate a small paragraph.... it will seem odd as it is about aromatherapy but if anybody could help me a little bit, i would be eternally happy and i am happy to help if any domain of competence i could have (french ?!).
Thank you a thousand time.

the following has to be translated, i know it might seem a bit too long but even a sentence or two would be GREATLY helpful so i can keep my job Wink smile

thanks again to all charitable souls !!!!!

"aromaterapi, koku ile dogal tedavi yöntemlerinden olup bitkisel öz yaglarin yapisi
ve enerjilerinden faydalanan koku ile teneffüs ve masaj, ile uygulanan
uluslararasi bilimselligi tip otoriteleri tarafindan kanitlanmis, dogal bir tedavi yontemidir.
Tarihsel süreci 5000 yil öncesine dayanmaktadir.

Insan vücudunun çevresinde gözle göremedigimiz enerji akiminin aksakliklarindan olusan rahatsizliklarda
koku ile aura bölgesinde meydana gelen titresimler sudaki dalganin vücut içinde yayilmasina benzer etkiyle beden içindeki akupunktur enerji kanallarinin açilmasina neden olur.

Enerji kanallarinda tikanma oldugunda enerji kanali üzerinde bulunan organlara yeterince kan, oksijen ve besin kaynagi ulasmaz buda o organa ait hastaliklarin lusmasina neden olur.

aromaterapi koku tedavisi, ile enerji geçisini saglayarak, organin daha iyi beslenmesini, daha
iyi oksijenlenmesini ve daha önemlisi vücudun kendi dogal doktoru olan, immun sistemi (savunma sistemini) harekete geçirerek vücuda kendi kendini tedavi ettirmek suretiyle birçok hastaliklarin tedevisinde, hem fiziksel hem de ruhsal kaynakli hastaliklarda, aromaterapinin oludkça önemli bir yeri bulunmaktadir. "

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Where are you from ?
It seems that you are from France and how bad it is now ! Regular smile
Ah, don't misunderstand me but it seems that I am handicapped by Sarkozy to say my words freely in France as a Turkish now ... and actually , I am even a bit scared if the same applies when I translate this text for you as well ! ...
If not, I'd do my best for you tonight... but what do you say ? Regular smile
Best rgds

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As scientifically recognised by the international medical authorites, aromatherapy is of the natural treatment methods that utilizes the structure and energy of the essential oils from plants, and applied by respiration of the fragnance and massage.
Historically it dates back to 5,000 years.
At disorders due to the failure of the energy flow around the human body, which is normally invisible to the eyes, the vibrations in the zones of fragnance and aura help opening the acupuncture energy channels in a very similar way the waves in water spread in the body.

When there is a blockage in the energy channels, there can't reach enough blood, oxygen and nutrition to the organs on this energy channel, and this causes the specific diseases to happen at the organ.

Aromatic therapy holds a very important place in treatment of many physical and spritual illnesses by providing better energy transition , thus allowing better nutrition and oxygenation at the organs, and, most importantly, by stimulating the immune (self-defense) system , which is actually body's own natural doctor, so as to help body for self-medication.

(P.S. The Turkish in this text is not upto the scientific level that I am used to seeing in such texts. There are many mistakes, and overall it looks like some quick notes taken in a meeting etc.)