[CLOSED] [SOLVED] Explanation for confusing Unpublishing

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Hey now I got a Notification that is having following content:

Tue, 05/02/2019 - 17:35
Your "Theme for Young Lovers" has been unpublished by phantasmagoria, the reason is: Empty song

Explain this or republish this!

Edit: Saw what the Problem was

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First of all: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/lt-site-rules

Clearly states:


Instrumentals or music without lyrics shouldn't be posted on LT, only songs with lyrics (even one line) should be published.


So the song is empty, void of any words. Now that it's been explained, it will not be republished. Stop using the forum as your personal arena for drama. You could have sent me a PM and I could have explained my reason for doing so.