Silbermond - Für dich schlägt mein Herz (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

My Heart Beats For You

You and nothing else but you
are so close to my heart
and I don’t know any other way
than to be there for you, yeah
You are simply irreplaceable
You are like a part of me, yeah
You bring
a breath of fresh air into my world
You make this life worth living ¹
My heart beats for you
My heart beats for you
For me, you’re the only one with patent rights ²
no, you don’t have any competition
You’re everything
You make every theme recur, ³
you make so much sense, yeah
You are simply irreplaceable,
you are a part of me, yeah
And you make me soar
oh and you keep me so alive,
you take every day to the seashore
My heart beats for you
My heart beats for you
And you make me soar
oh and you keep me so alive
You make everything twice as easy ⁴
My heart beats for you
My heart beats for you
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¹ Du machst dieses Leben Wert = You make this life worth; however, I’m treating “Leben Wert” as a play on words for “Lebenswert,“ which means “worth living.“
² Straight translation: Für mich bist du das schönste Monopol = For me, you are the finest monopoly; however, I think “the only one with patent rights” is what’s meant.
³ Straight translation: Du machst jeden Faden rot = you make every thread red. This is a German saying: roter Faden = recurring theme, central theme.
⁴ Straight translation: Du machst alles halb so schwer = You make everything half as difficult. As confusing as it may seem, making something “twice as easy” has the same meaning.

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Für dich schlägt mein Herz

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EpiqBlu    Втр, 31/12/2013 - 02:17

Patent rights are different from a monopoly- you may want to leave that bit the way it is, as though they both sound strange monopoly sounds less so and is closer to the meaning. It makes more sense with the next line, having no competition, as well.

Also you could leave half as difficult the way it is, or phrase it half as hard- that is not a strange thing to say at all and doesn't need to be changed to twice as easy.