Gülümse Aşkım (превод на Английски)

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Smile, my love

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This sun, these waves
In this coast and among the lovers
There is a lonely heart
Summer's arrived, we're warm
We're opened, wide opened
In this summer day,
There are people who're back to the dead of winter
Right now you need to call me
You've got to tell me what's all up
"You" means spirit, means life, means breath
Right now you need to call me
You need to figure out what's going on with me
"You" means spirit, means life
Oh I'm your lover
That sun is my witness, the full moon is my confidant
Oh I'm your lover
Smile a whole life for me
Oh I'm your lover
That sea is my witness, sea sparkles are my confidants
Oh I'm your lover
You smile a whole life for me
Smile, my love
You've taught me to love
Likewise, to be loved
You've not taught me to forget
I loved to be without you
Because you were inside of it
But your reflection is not enough to my heart
Right now you need to call me
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