Gammelt hus (превод на Английски)

Поискал/а предложения за корекция
превод на Английски

Old house

They say there's a draft in old houses
But there's nothing better than hearing the wind whispering
The ceiling is cracked, old bedsheets are here, and
Grandma's lace flutters when the wind takes hold
They say there are mysteries even in the thinnest walls
But I've seen decay eat away all the signs
From coffee stains on grandpa's favorite table
Crosswords scattered around without a single word
They say there's frost on brittle windowsills
But I've tried to paint over it many times
Coat by coat, it was worth a try, but
Wine has set on the glass and mother's twine has burned
They say that worn-out doors creak
But they're quiet as a mouse as long as you oil them
Coins roll and the bills are paid
Father's newspaper lies in the corner, there are ink stains everywhere
They say that closed chimneys give off smoke
But I've seen letters opened that should've stayed sealed
Brother's rocking horse is gone and the teddy bear has disappeared
I want to help, I wish I could
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Gammelt hus

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